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Guest pokemonster

hi meg, idk how many people still pick or no from here, but i know for sure i still do too lots of stuff going on and i cant be aware about controling my picking all the time so oftenly it happens and i catch it only when its already done..what i do when i snap out of that crap tho and after i cleanse, is that i soak my face in bowl of water for ~3-7 mins and it helps with redness really good, id really reccomend actually, next day its pretty much back to your usual skin tone (but could depend on how harsh u picked) and after that you can apply whatever else you usually apply

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Looks like its just you and me lol. Thanks for the tip I'll try that next time hopefully there wont be a next time:) I don't have much for tips, I'm just trying not to pick and thats all I guess:/

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hello. i just joined this website today actually. i have been struggling with skin picking for a few months now. this time has gotten really bad. right this moment i have six, yes SIX scabs on my face. none can be covered with makeup they are all fresh and just barely started healing. its killing my confidence and everyone has noticed. family, friends, etc. all i want to do is lock myself in my room until they heal. i just need to stop picking at the scabs now so they CAN heal. any tips on how to speed this process up?

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