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Dermastamp Is Better For Scar Treatment Than Dermaroller

I found this on my googling travels.

What do you guys think???? Agree or Disagree???? Read down the page a bit, and you will see under "Scar Treatment"

Seriously considering ordering dermastamp from here, as its being difficult to find a dermastamp of 1.00mm.


""""Scar Treatment

We have found the derma stamp to be more effective at scar reduction in clinical treatments. We suspect that this is because of its more rough action of direct perpendicular insertion which makes it better at breaking up the existing scar structure. As yet there has not been any scientific evidence comparing the two for this purpose but it was a repeated observation we made of better results with the derma stamp on scars in clinic. Interestingly scar was one of the main uses of the 7 star needles in ancient China where it was considered highly effective.

As you can see although not as famous as the dermaroller there can be definite advantages in using the dermastamp in preference or together with the dermaroller. Remember always purchase a dermastamp with needles at least 0.5mm long as any shorter than this will not be long enough to penetrate through the epidermis into the dermis and therefore induce collagen.""""

P.S. I also found the dermastamp at 0.8mm to effective at collagen renewal of old scars, and that was just on the first trial attempt!! That dermastamp was not from white lotus.

Anyone think this dermastamp from White lotus would be of a good quality??? A bit expensive I thought tho.

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Probably, seems like a reputable site. The price does seem a bit excessive though. You said you used the Nova Clinic stamps and found a bent needle? Are you talking about the purple ones? Those are the exact same stamps they sell at jglobalsales (where I buy mine from) for 1/3 of the price. I haven't found a bent needle yet but i'll be looking out for them now.

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