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What have i done to deserve my skin being like this, redness everywhere, spots breaking out everywhere, i tried dieting for like 5 weeks eating barely anything to the point where i was passing out from not eating, lo and behold - no change, i hate the fact that other people can be clear and eat what they want, yet i touch anything and bam, breakout, i hate myself right now, doctors don't give a crap about acne, ive never actually saw any doctor with acne. well and truly fuck my life and my stupid skin.

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dieting and starving yourself are two different things. you have to have a HEALTHY diet. not eating is counterproductive. so start eating healthy food

and just remember that youre not the only one out there with acne (of course it feels like it, but really, you can go out and notice that there are actually a lot of people with acne, even if its just a little bit. i noticed a classmate who i thought had really good skin, but she actually has some scars on her cheeks. so yeah)

so just eat healthier, exercise, have a skin regimen, and just be healthy. you really have to be dedicated and patient and give your skin time to heal. its not like your skin can clear up overnight, or within a week, or even a month. it takes AT LEAST 2 or 3 months, and thats not including scars and red marks

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I understand the frustration you're going through. Today at work I had a huge whitehead/half-popped acne scab seeping at the corner of my mouth all day. When I looked down, I could see it. I could see customers looking at it ("Is that a zit? Herpes? It must be herpes, she's too old to have acne..."). And my acne now isn't half as bad as it used to be (I have the scars to prove it). I've thought before that it's only a matter of time before someone throws up from looking at my face. But, what's the point? I've been letting acne ruin my life for a decade now, and I'm sick of it. The truth is, no one is really going to throw up looking at my face. Or yours. Today I decided to stop giving a shit, I'm not going to waste my life being miserable because of my skin. I hope you do the same.

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It seems you have quite a problem there.

Based on your post, I can see that you are really frustrated to the point of anger and hatred to yourself.

Believe me, starving yourself IS NOT HEALTHY if not dangerous to your overall health.

Getting rid of acne may be one of your goals as of this moment to the point of "self-flagellation", but there are far more important things than this.

As a nurse, I am accustomed to these reactions, my advice: Seek out your true purpose. before you seek medication. Attitude is everything - it can make or break you.

Hope you found that helpful...

God bless and Good luck.

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