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Best Acne Regime (Clears Acne And Marks!)

This shit works

Ingredients needed: 1) Cetaphil Gentle CLeanser 2) Baking soda (not baking powder) 3) CLearasil acne + marks face wash and mask 4) Clean and clear Terminator (or any micro benzoyl peroxide spot treatment, this ones 5%)

1) so first you wet your face with warm water

2) Clean face with cetaphil but dont wash off yet, just gently lather it on

3) With the cetaphil still on your face put some baking soda on your hand and a little cetaphil and mix, thenscrub your face on the problem areas with the mixture

4) Then wash off face

5) Put some of the clearsil acne plus marks wash and mask adn lather it on ur face all over, gently rubbing it in, then wash it off

6) Next put some of the clearsil on ur biggest problem spots and where you have marks, put it on thick like a mask and leave it on for around 2 min (i know it says 1 min but this works better) if it starts to burn then wash it off, after 2 min wash it off

7) Pat ur face dry very lightly and let it dry good

8) Apply some of the Terminator on ur problem spots or where ur prone to breakout, adn ay night put it on thick on ur pimples directly, but just on the top of each pimple, during the day lather it in.

I do this every day usually 2 times a day (mornign and night) but sometimes 3 times

I had sever acne on my right side and chin and moderate on my left side, after doing this for 2 weeks my left side is copmpletely clear and the marks are fading (slowly but surely), on my right side i dont have any new pimples except for like two by my chin, you cant rush it you kno just be patient, my red marks have really faded and dissapeard, fo rthe first time in months i can actuallly see healthy skin on my cheek, the marks are also geeting better, i dont expect them to completely fade for another month tho, but yea try it out it works great!

* the baking soda i thnk works by exfiliatong the skin and helping remove that top layer of skin which helps the marks, the clearsil has salylsic acid or whatever so it helps remove some of that top layer too, and the terminator spot treatment has micro benzoyl perxoide, which kills the pimples and doesnt allow for bacteria to grow so it also prevents when used everyday.

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