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Non-Inflamed Acne Treatment At Luminosity Acne Skincare (Cary, Nc)

Hey party people,

My name is Nadera and I am a 34 year old African-American female who has grown tired of the non-inflamed acne which has plagued me for the past 15 years. My biggest problem is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). A friend of a friend recently mentioned to me that our mutual friend has gotten her skin clear after years of a similar struggle AND she showed me a recent pic of said mutual friend. Not only did mutual friend's skin look clear, but she also looked HAPPY. I emailed mutual friend to get the deets on what she had been doing, and she told me that she had been using Face Reality skin care products and getting treatments from a local woman, in Cary, NC.

Upon Googling Face Reality, I discovered their page and their Long Distance Patient Program. Being African-American, I was highly impressed with the before/after results of their black clients, displayed on the web page. Being Black in the acne game can be a crap shoot at times and you have to be very careful that treatments don't make matters worse, especially when it comes to PIH! Anywho, mutual friend took a little while to get back to me, so I paid the $30 and embarked on the Long Distance program with Face Reality. In about a week, I got my serum kit, did the test, reported back my results and received my product recommendations. Though the website boasts a 90% success rate from the Long Distance Patient program, I was concerned that I wouldn't be doing the whole treatment, since I am too far away from their CA location to go in for bi-weekly corrective peels and extractions. I emailed someone at Face Reality to find out if there were any people trained in their methods in my area of NC. They gave me the name of a woman who had trained under Laura from Face Reality, Carmen Popa, owner of Luminosity Acne Skincare. Lo and behold, when mutual friend finally called back to give me the info, it was the same woman!

I had my consultation and first treatment with Carmen yesterday. The consultation is very thorough and extensive, covering foods in your diet, products used in daily life and other things that can contribute to and exacerbate acne. She took my "before" pics and explained the treatment process. I also found it beneficial that she explained the life cycle of acne and how a pimple that you see at the surface may have started beneath the skin as many as 3 months prior. Then down to business for the treatment: she washed my face twice (very gently) with a cleanser; then applied a de-greaser (composed of glycolic and lactic acid) to help the corrective peel penetrate better. She said that since it was my first treatment, she would only be applying one layer, but at subsequent visits, she would be applying 2-3 layers of the peel. I asked what the peel ingredients were, but at the moment, all I can remember are glycolic acid and a little bit of TCA, but I know that there are other ingredients. The peel was left on for 3 minutes and didn't sting, tingle, or burn at all (I have pretty tough skin). She did not rinse the peel off and said that the majority of peel's impact happens within the first three minutes of application, but that it would continue to work over time, and that I should rinse off at home. Then it was time for the part I dreaded most....EXTRACTIONS!

But they actually weren't too bad. Now I've had extractions before, but never like this: instead of squeezing and pinching to actually "pop" an area, she used teeny tiny needles to lance the lesions and make an exit for each pore to be extracted. She said that this greatly reduces scarring because no pressure builds up and there is no actual popping...the clogged pore can be extracted through the exit hole that she made. My face was a little red when I left, but the majority had subsided by the time I made the 30 minute drive back to my house.

Once the peel and extraction were completed, she made her product recommendations and wrote down my treatment regimen.


Silica Scrub, Toner, Mandelic Acid 8%, SPF moisturizer


Silica Scrub, Toner, Acne Lotion 2 (BP) according to schedule, Silica Scrub, Cranberry moisturizer

(over the course of 2 weeks, I have to build up the time I leave the BP product on my face, from 15 minutes to being able to sleep with in on all night. She mentioned that it is very important to follow the schedule directly and not skip ahead, because my products won't change during the course of my treatment, but how I use them will and skipping ahead can impede progress).

The quick and dirty:

The consultation was free, peel & extractions cost $70 and about $90 for products (I threw away all of the other stuff I had in my bathroom so that I will only use what she has recommended). I scheduled my next appointment for 10/28. I'll report back on my progress after the next visit. I'll upload day one pics asap.

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So did this treatment work for you successfully? I am thinking to go to Carmen but wanted to know if this is permanent solution or once you are off the treatment, acne comes back?

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