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Advice Needed [Co2, Fraxel Laser Or Pmma-Fillers?]

Hello everyone, here is my story:

I’m 30 years old male living in Brazil. I’ve being dealing with acne scars since 1999. Since I only heard bad things from everyone who tried to treat those things (most of them spent thousands without seeing any real improvement) I never really put so much thought into treating my scars.

Well, then I met I girl last year who treated her scars with fillers, essentially pmma, for the first time ever I saw someone who actually had an impressive improvement! I saw some of her past photos, her condition was worse than mine, and her scars had pretty much all gone after treatment. You can see some pores here and there but that’s it. Her skin is pretty normal nowadays even without makeup.

Well, that girl told me that I should stretch my skin and see if those marks go out of sight; if it does, then I should consider pmma as the best treatment. She did Fractional CO2, some chemical peelings and dermabrasion… all of these without any luck, she said: “maybe only 10 to 15% improvement with all those treatments”!

Pmma was the only treatment that really worked for her, she pointed out the downsides: shifting, granulomas, atrophic scars, etc…but none of these happened to her.

I really don’t know how to identify my scars. I don’t know if a have ice pick, boxcar... (I think I have both)

Here are some pics. Left cheek (right cheek is pretty much clean)



I haven’t shaved for 3 days (currently on vacation) I hope you guys don’t mind tongue.png

Stretching out


Most ’cosmeatric’ dermatologists here want to sell Fractional CO2 or Fraxel Laser.

Some use pmma, but they want first to treat these scars with some kind of Laser (yeah capitalization), and most of them want to use temporary fillers only (yearly capitalization on us) sad.png

What I've been told is that CO2 laser is a wast of time and money for most of patients, a lot of them even say that it caused more scars, hipergmentation and larger pores.

Should i really consider Fraxel?

Thinking about the downsides of pmma, 10 to 20 years from now pmma could shift since I’ll lose fat and elasticity, so most doctors say it’s unpredictable in the short run and even more in the long run.

I really don’t know what to do.

What do you guys think are the best treatments for my scars? What treatments should I really avoid?

Can I keep a high hope or should I just forget it?

Many Thanks! Blessings

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I had a little bit of artefil done which is PMMA and really I wasn't impressed. After one round all of it will disappear within a few months except 20% of it which is the pmma beads. The other 80% is collagen. So if you want real permanent results you have to go through a lot of injections and the cost gets high. I don't think your scarring is bad and maybe just doing a series of saline injections yourself could fix it. I have done saline injections myself, you can search for it one these boards, and I do think it can help induce collagen in small scars such as your own. It is pretty hard to mess yourself up with saline because it just disappears within a few hours. But it stretches the scars and irritates them enough to produce collagen. I haven't done fraxel but am not impressed with the reviews here on this board.

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Thank you so much, I have never thought about saline injects!

My brother is a Dentist, he could do it easily!!!

Do you also think dermaroller could induce collagen in those small areas?

I'll consult with one of the best Cosmetical Dermatologist here in Brazil, then I'll report with his opinion, he'll probably try to sell some expensive laser.

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