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Sometimes I Wish You Guys Would Cook For Me.

I could look forward to having an acne friendly meal at my disposal without having to look up recipes+get all the ingredients+put them all together. Even for just one meal a day for a week would be pretty neat/convenient. Although I do like finding easy and exciting recipes. I plan to buy a bunch of eggs, coconut milk, and some nuts and fruit to bake some goodies today using a lot of recipes from here: http://www.freecoconutrecipes.com

In other news, which appliances do you healthy foodies find to be especially helpful? I recently purchased a gasket for my house's ancient blender off ebay so I can start making smoothies. Hopefully this will replace a food processor otherwise I might need one of those. Also have been looking at bread makers...what about all of you?

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I have navigated to an extremely simplistic diet. Meaning, my most commonly used appliances are a microwave, stove/oven, and occasionally a blender - which doubles as a food processor. I didn't read the recipes on the provided link, so I'm not sure if you have some sort of healthy bread in mind, but I'd wager a bread maker is pretty useless unless you've found some way of creating a grain-free bread with it.

When I first started on my healthy eating, I would spend hours hunting down substitute recipes to make up for the junk food I'd be lacking. But after time, not only did I get sick of the preparation of sub-par foods that was rarely as good as the original junk food counterpart, but I just got tired of the time it took. It wasn't as "convenient" as I'd hoped. That, and even with time, I just stopped craving it. I even dramatically decreased my fruit intake.

I'm finally to the point of just throwing in some sort of seasoned, unprocessed meat into the oven (or skillet) and steaming some veggies on the stove as the side. If you're one of those folks who just love baking, you may want to invest in a higher end blender that can double as a food processor for grinding coconut and nut flours. I'd say a blender is a good investment if this is the case, even if it means spending the extra cash for a good one that will last.

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I've been subsisting on some basic 'recipes' that don't involve me spending much time in the kitchen for the past couple of weeks. I don't like hanging out in my kitchen. Someday I will have a more open house and then I will live in the combo kitchen/living area. One thing I do is rarely cook food for just one meal. Big pot of soup, enough fish for a couple of days, etc. The Oats, quinoa, coconut pancakes and whatever else I tend to eat for breakfast are made in a big batch as well. And in the winter when I use the oven to bake sweet potatoes, I usually bake several at a time.

And i don't know if newer ones are any better, but bread machines in my experience are only good for making mushy Rainbow-like bread. Look into the no-knead methods instead. http://www.acne.org/...te-t267452.html

There are also a lot of coconut recipes here in the Food and Recipe thread.

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I hate cooking every single meal. I need to get rich and hire a chef. I think a crock pot is my favorite because you can make a whole bunch of delicious meat at once. Slow cooking keeps the same foods tasting good.

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