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Ive been searching to find the best treatment for my acne for years, ive found lots of decent methods, dan's regimen was decent but too harsh on my skin and even though the moisturizers would help balance it out i never got fully clear and my skin always seemed gunky from all the crap on it. boltcha never really worked for me even though the clean and clear blackhead stuff was a great cleanser to combine w/dans. but i swear this time i've got it right, for me.

morning: all u need to do is run water over your face, cleansing in the morning always overdried me, making my skin look irritated, and pimples would always become more obvious. My skin hasnt been dry yet but i figure when winter rolls around i'll use some moisturizer in the morning.

during the day: if your face gets oily or sweaty during the day like mine, just rinse with water. Now is the time to apply bp, when your skin isnt already irritated from having hot shower water ran over it.

night: cetaphil with liquid(or generic brand), using no water yet. just put some in your hand and massage into your face like it was a moisturizer. Then use tissue paper to lightly get off any excess. Then use some type of sa pad (i use stridex 2 percent, but clearasil is basically the same thing) the trick to using these pads is to use a bunch and be as gentile as possible. For some reason after the majority of sa moisture (i dont know what else to call it) is off these things become like sand paper. i use one(front and back) for my forehead, and one for each cheek. Be as gentile as possible because these can really irritate your skin, and thats what i try to avoid. I then splash water over my face to rinse off any excess and dry with a towel.

this method works for me, and has really fixed my horrible ass complexion. i think deep cleansing is incredibly overated, this method just cleanses the surface of the skin because water doesnt push the cleanser so deep into your skin that you cant smile without your skin cracking, and just cause u have moisturizer on to keep flakes from being obvious, your skins still too dry underneath and i know my skin always felt uncomfortable. i still think bp plays a great role at destroying bacteria, but i think the real source of acne (or mine at least) was from having really dry skin, not bacteria. people w/o acne walk around w/just as much bacteria on their faces as u. I used to think liquid cetaphil was a joke cause it doesnt really wash anything off, and it didnt work for me before, but wiping afterwards with the sa pads (salicylic acid is awesome at keeping pores clear) and then rinsing afterwards really does a good job at cleaning the skin without striping it of all the moisture. But with that said my face does feel mildly dry when i'm done at night but nothing compared to what it would feel like if followed dans or boltchas.

oh yea, i had mostly white heads with cystic acne here and there, not too bad though i'de say i had mild at best to moderate acne with 2 week spurts of clear skin here and there but never lasted till this. ok i think i covered it all, please give it a try i wish someone would have told me to do this when i was a freshman in highschool instead of figuring it out on my own as a sophmore in college.

peace and good luck

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