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Hello folks,

I wanted to come in and leave a review for one of the derms who is supposed to be an expert on TCA Cross. I have been a lurker on this site before and read a lot about various scar treatments. I have a few rolling and icepick scars on both my cheeks that I have wanted to treat. Someone mentioned Gary Monheit. The fact that he wrote a paper on performing TCA Cross meant that he was an expert in performing it as well. How wrong I was! I had no trouble getting an appointment with the doctor - within a week. I met him and within 10 minutes of looking at my face he suggested TCA Cross. I agreed because I already knew abt this procedure from this forum. He charged me 500$ for the first session. I went back next week for the procedure. A nurse cleaned me up with some alcohol. The doctor came in with a resident and proceded to dip the cotton portion of the toothpick into the TCA solution (90%) and put it on my face at a lightening speed. The toothpick seemed too large for the scar. I had a moment of doubt because I remembered reading here that you are supposed prick only the scar and kind of push it in. The doc did not seem to do that. He just touched upon the scar and the I strongly feel that the toothpick size was bigger than some of the scars. I did not speak up - thinking that the doc knew better. My mistake.

Fast forward 4 weeks and I was left with hyperpigmentation. However, there was absouletly no difference in the size of my scars. Infact, I was left with two additional scars. Needless to say, I didn't go for the second session and never went back. The hyperpigmentation faded in a few months. My scars are still there and looks worse. I am currently looking into dermastamping and giving it a few months to see it works. If it doesnt I will seriously consider fillers.

I seriously doubt if Dr. Monheit is an expert on performing this procedure even though he wrote a paper on it.

Take care everybody.

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