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Guest JasonYuuu

First Day Of Tane! Excited And Nervous!

Guest JasonYuuu

Hi guys, I actually got prescribed with tane a few weeks back but I have been very indecisive on whether to take or not.

I've been very fearful of its possible side effects and decided to take a step of faith.

I imagined myself reaching the end of a road, only to see a pithole in between me and the other plot of land.

There's a monster(acne) chasing after me and if I don't jump, I'm probably gonna die anyways so I might as well risk it.

Yeah so an hour ago I just took my first pill!

I think my doctor's very careful about the dosage as he only prescribed me to take a 20mg pill every two days, so we'll see how it goes.

Hopefully, nothing more than the dry lips side effects show up and my acne and oily skin problem will be healed permanently after these few months! rolleyes.gif

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When I first got prescribed accutane, I didn't buy the medication until weeks after because I was afraid of the side effects but I felt since my derm prescribed me a low dosage (just like you) of 20 mg it wouldn't have such a large negative effect (hopefully)

Fingers crossed it works out great for the both of us!


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