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10 Years Of Inflamed Sensitive Skin

My skin is so sensitive to any product I use. It seems to get irritated every time I cleanse, but also gets irritated if I go too long without cleansing. I've used tretinoin, clindamycin, benzoyl peroxide, AHAs, BHAs, and nothing has ever gotten it 100% clear.

Currently I am fed up with using so many products and am just washing with Cetaphil antibacterial bar, no treatment or moisturizer. I shave using a disposable two-blade razor using lather from the bar (shaving is another double edged sword as of course it irritates me, but any facial hair growth will pool tons of excess oil and cause breakouts). Literally nothing ever touches my face but the Cetaphil. I wanted to get a baseline for how my face looks just washing 2x a day and doing nothing else.

I took a pic about an hour after I shower. As you can see, my skin is an absolute mess. I get oily immediately and my skin stays beet red. I got a huge deep whitehead on my nose that never came to a head but just turned my entire nose bright red for several days now.

I'm not even sure what to classify this as. Is it rosacea? Just regular acne? How do I even begin to treat it? I feel like I'm back at square one. I'm a simple guy who likes to keep everything minimal. I really don't want to have to rub multiple creams into my face everyday. I don't even care about having perfect skin. I just don't want to have terrible skin. Anyone by chance find this picture to look familiar to them and have some recommendations?


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ohgawd.. my acne is worse budd, be happy that ur skin lookk pretty good. All i can say , is that our bodies heals by ourselves. I suggest you don"t put aything, because sometimes its the products that is breaking us out. If nohing has worked for you in 10 years, i suggest you use stieva A or reitna A they help my skin so much. Also if your breaking out alot, you need to find out whats breaking you out, if its food, sex(which can make acne worse), dairy, food sensitivity, hot showers, face scratching. Just take care of your skin as if it were a babys head.

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i dont know if its me, but honestly your acne looks mildish to me. have you tried sulfur sulfacetamid?? its is really gently and it did wonders for my skin, but only for 5 years. then it stop working, but hey, i would take 5 years of clear skin anytime!!

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Your skin looks not unlike mine from before I went on accutane. While an accutane treatment is not to be taken lightly, I think you should consider it. That said, here are some things that helped me pre- and post-accutane.

Do you push the razor into your face when you shave? I've found that being extremely gentle and letting the weight of the razor do the work has improved my skin. I use Proraso shaving cream, rather than the various blue gels in aerosol cans and I use a Schick Hydro 3 razor which is hands-down the least irritating shave I've ever had. I've tried tons of different razors including Dan's suggestions and a single-blade safety razor, but nothing touches the Hydro 3.

I know this is a little weird, but I wash my face every day with Neutrogena T-Gel extra strength shampoo and it has been a huge help. It might not be good for you if your skin is too sensitive, but it has really helped me. I tried pyrithione zinc and selenium sulfide dandruff shampoos to improve skin cell turnover but the stuff with coal tar (the T-Gel) was least drying and irritating. Might be worth a shot.

Also weird, but something I do regularly and have mentioned here before after reading about people having success with it on these boards: Crystal deodorant (Crystal is the brand name). I got into this after spending a week at the beach and seeing a huge improvement in my skin after spending lots of time in the ocean. It's essentially a stick of mineral salts. I wet my face, gently rub it all over and let it dry for an hour before rinsing it off. You might want to leave it on for even less time since you're so sensitive. I thought it would be hard to find since I'd never heard of it but I've been able to get it at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Walgreens.

Finally, vitamin E oil, both orally and as a topical. Try gently pressing it on to your face before bed or mixing it with your moisturizer and leaving it all night. It has made my skin very soft and much less red, so it may help with your inflammation.

Hope this is useful to you. Good luck :)

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