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Anal Irritation After Accutane

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Fun topic, eh? (I have no shame :P)

I'm not entirely sure what else could be the cause, so it seems that since taking Accutane a couple years ago caused me to be very prone to anal irritation, most specifically tiny fissures which cause me to get bright red little spots of blood on the toilet paper after going to the washroom.

I watch my diet and I already feel like I do everything in my power to keep the problem at bay but that doesn't seem to be enough. Every few days it happens yet again!


1) Has anyone else experienced this or can relate somehow?

2) Any suggestions of ways I can prevent it?


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I (fortunately) cannot relate but I would try vasaline.

Props to you for you for having no shame!

Good luck with your butt smile.png

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Rub an ice cube around it. lol. But seriously, are you constipated when you drop them bombs? Cause it might just be that and not related to accutane since I haven't really heard of it or experienced it.

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Ahaha, thanks for the encouragement, danipaskor.

As for my washroom habits, in the past I had lots of IBS/chronic diarrhea problems, which naturally causes problems "down there" after awhile. But even when my bathroom habits are normal, I still keep getting this. Maybe some people are just more prone to it than others.

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Ya yo, I have the same thing. Went to doctor, and I have anal fissures. I had it before i started accutane but alot more blood came out during accutane, doctor said cause of increased dryness...im sure this sometimes continues after the course is completed. DONT RUB VASELINE on it, doctor said it can make it worse (increases humidity increasingchance of infection). Get some lotion prescribed from ur doctor.

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