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I would really like to be taking supplements I know will help my skin and am currently taking several...it just always seems like I should be taking more the more I read. So here's what I'm taking now:

-Women's One Multivitamin by Rainbowlight (once a day)

-Jarrow Formulas, Liver PF Liver Protection Factors (3 times a day) <---moonbase recommended this one

-Spectrum Fish Oil 1000 mg Softgels (2 a day)

-Jarrow's Evening Primrose Oil 1300 mg (once a day)

-Natrols PMS Control (twice a day 5 days before the onset of my period)

(I posted all the nutrition information which I think got counted as pictures and I had to erase it all. Don't feel like retyping everything at the moment but am willing to do so if I don't get any replies...)

I've been thinking I need to start taking oil of Oregano or Garlic pills...something to replace the Olive Leaf Extract I ran out of the day before yesterday. Some kind of anti-microbial/fungal/parasitic because I'm prone to yeast infections. Also I may need to up my B-5 levels? 300 mg a day doesn't sound effective after reading about what people have to say about it. Gluthione/glucosamine/msm also sound like like they could benefit me. Can anyone recommend particular vitamins that include these things? Or really any comments on what I'm taking now would be appreciated. I eat seafood fairly frequently and drink So Delicious coconut milk which has b12, magnesium, and selenium sources as well. Sometimes take liqui-kelp or colloidal silver.

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Also found some triphala in my drawer, which I will begin taking as it has anti-inflammatory and other properties which aid in digestion.

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