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What Product Can I Use To Get Rid Of A Acne Cyst Fast?

Basically last week I got a horrible spot come up just under my eye, like the worst place it could be, but it's turned into one of them horrible acne cysts, n it's so red and big it's pretty much impossible to cover! I'm too embarrassed to go to college because of it! What is the best thing I could use or do to make it heal like within the next couple of days, or even just make it go down a little or get rid of the redness so it's easier to cover and less noticable. I've heard cortisone injections are the best but sadly they don't do them where I live :( I've tried the hot compress trick, hydrocortisone cream and calamine lotion, none of it is working very well.

Talking from experience what is the best product or home remedy to get rid of this horrible thing? Even advice on how to cover it up so it's barely noticeable would be a great help, I've got really good concealer but even that isn't working :/

I don't have really bad acne, I'd say I'm mild to moderate, but it really affects my self esteem, I've been on erythomycin for a while, but it doesn't seem to be working anymore :(

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Try putting some ice on it. This reduces the swelling sometimes and can also prevent it from coming to a head. I also like to use Queen Helen Mint Julep Mask on problem areas. Whatever you do, don't pick it especially since it's in that area. For a cover up, I use neutrogena skin clearing make up. It's really good at covering and actually helps heal the pimple too.

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Sorry to hear this.. I also have mild to moderate acne but, psychologically, I'm a mess. My self-esteem gets demolished with every new pimple and I, like you, just got a cyst and they suck. Listen to WhattheKell and try not to pick it. I did that. I popped it and thought it was gone but it only made things worse and now I'm paying the consequences. Try the ice.. I've also taken aspirin in the past to help with swelling and any pain that comes with it. I've also put medication (in my case, Clean and Clear Persa-Gel) on the cyst and put a band-aid over it.

Cysts are probably the hardest to get rid of so, unfortunately, you're going to just have to fight through it. I know how you feel in wanting to stay away from college. This past weekend, I didn't want to do anything. Social situations are extremely hard when you feel that bad. Hang in there and try to overcome it. I know it's easier said than done, because It's hard for me, but try to remember that it usually looks worse to you than to other people. That doesn't bring much comfort, but it's usually true. Good luck!

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