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Might Be Time To Stop

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So i've recently passed the 4 month mark on the DKR regimen and contemplating stopping if not atleast having a week break. About three weeks ago my face became really red on the cheeks and temples, it started as red,itchy and dry (prior to this i hadnt really had any extreme itchiness, redness or dryness, i had a little but it was manageable/tolerable). It progressed from red/slightly itchy and extremely dry(think leather) to extremely red/itchy/dry and now its blotchy extremely red(my skin complexion looks like crap on my cheeks right now)/itchy/a touch drier then the rest of my face. If anything i think, somewhat influenced by google, that I'm either now having a allergic reaction to BP or i've developed some for of rosecea.

Quick Background: Acne since early teens, thought it would clear up with age but i still have it now(23). Have used all the OTC that i could get my hands on and have tried many homeremedies, much like alot of posters. My skin type is oily in my T and normal on the cheeks and jaw. My acne had mostly been in my oily t-zone but mainly forehead/temples and upper lip. Since starting the regime though my forehead has been pretty clear, my temples have calmed down alot but not without a fight and my Upper lip has been real good(think my shaving habits could have caused them).

Me and Acne.org: I remember finding acne.org when i was 14(so '02), at the time my acne had started to get worse, it was that time in highschool when you started wanting to impress the opposite sex... I saw the regimen but couldn't get my hands on any of the recommend products but i kept the site in the back of my mind and would visit the site many times over the next 9 years. In May this year i would have the most horrible breakout of my life on my upper lip, after shaving with some random free sample(cause right there) i had 4 or 5 pimples break out over the next week and felt like crap, deciding enough was enough i came back to acne.org, read 6 pages of testimonials and ordered the regimen the same night.

Heres the best recollection i can give of the past 4 months on the regimen:

June: So i started the regimen slowly as advised and followed it to a T, there were minor improvements but a small part of me was hoping for a miracle cure that i read a few had gotten in the testimonials. Was also spot treating with AHA.

July: After being on the full three pumps for a couple of weeks but still not fully clear i decided to try introducing aha as a moisturizer a couple of times a week, bad mistake. I broke out horribly on my temples and the scars are still there and look horrible(had 3 to 4 at a time on each temple) I didnt really know what it was causing it a first and felt like the regimen wasnt working and felt like giving up, before doing anything i like to research though so i came back to acne.org, read as many posts about the 'regimen not working' as i could and decided i'd give it much more time, i think i decided 6 months. I would order my second batch at the end of the month. Note for those looking to introduce new items: Wait until you are completely clear and do a test area for a little bit first. Also not knocking AHA, didnt work for me the first time, still waiting for me to be clear for a second time... Has worked great for my bacne though, 90% clear inconjunction with head and shoulders.

Aug: Had to use cetaphil facewash/proactive bp for a week whilst i waited for my new shipment to arrive, no real negative effect but the Proactive didnt agree with the acne.org moisturizer and left me a touch streaky. (Let me also point out that up until this point i probably wasnt moisturizing enough, why i had some left over when the cleanser and bp ran out, and i did start to get pretty flakey in the afternoon of some days)

Sept: At the start of the month i was feeling pretty good, my acne wasnt completely gone(still had on average 2 live ones at a time), but i was feeling like it could be soon. Then i had a little breakout on my left cheek, when it started to go away my face decided to go apeshit.

My left and right cheeks decided to go extremely red, and my temples followed suit by upted the ante by becoming leather dry. Once again i was back on acne.org looking for a solution. Roughly three weeks ago i bought emu oil after reading it could reduce redness and dryness. I used it for around 10 days, put it all over my extra dry spots and even did the jojoba oil exfoliation technique a couple of times. The extreme dryness was gone after a week or so, not sure if this was from the emu oil though, but the redness remained. Again i was back googling and bought a new moisturizer and some calamine lotion. (Sidenote: My face had also began to sting more noticebly when doing the regimen so i thought it could have been the moisturizer). At this time i also lowered the amount of BP used on my face, and pretty much tried as hard as i could to put none on my cheeks(also suffered another breakout on the opposite cheek...) Calamine/reduced BP only helped marginally and i dont like the cetaphil moisturizer i picked up. I've been 'experimenting' on fixing the redness over the last couple of weeks hoping to find the source, moisturizing red parts only with cetaphil, moisturizing one half of my face with acne.org and the other with cetaphil, calamine lotion one side and sudocrem on the other but to no real result. Feel like starting a thread but the forum isnt agreeing with me and not letting me into the regimen board. I am down to 1 pump of BP in the morning and 1.5 at night only on my t-zone and along my jawline. Might also use a pea size extra to spot treat around my face. I'm also awaiting my third shipment, this time with jojoba which i hope will help with the redness.

TL:DR On regimen for four months, was going okay then suddenly had an allergic like reaction, deciding what to do. Also some venting.

Reason why i feel like stopping pictures. These arnt progress picture of my time on the regimen, they're pictures of my irritated skin from the last 3 weeks.

Sorry for picture size if they're too big:

Heres when i had started the emu oil and about 5 days in, pictures are taken under a kinda yellow light and at a much larger distance then the following pictures. You can still see the redness though and the differentiation from the other parts of my skin.



This is about a week later, off the emu oil and had a slight break out(not from the emu oil i think), pretty clear to see the skin colour differentiation.



A few days ago, with reduced BP and some weird red circle on my cheek.


A couple of days ago, i opened all the blinds and got alot of sunlight to show the blotchiness of the redness. I actually have two active, noticable pimples in that picture(on my cheek) but the redness make me look severe... Yep thats not pimples, just my skin being angry, looks horrible and i hope this isnt how it looks in real life...


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I didn't read all of that sorry but are you using Dan's BP? A lot of other brands have alcohol in them, such as Panoxyl. These are not suitable for the Regimen because they are extremely irritating.

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@95tomwest Yeah all acne.org products, was fine for the first three months...


So pretty much the day after i went to the doctor cause it was pretty bad, got some antihistamines and stopped using BP. Used Cetaphil and Acne.org moisturizer for a week and my skin pretty much went back to normal colour, and i didnt break out. After a week i started to worry i'd break out so i tried BP again, used half a pump(of the 3 pump) and only applied it to my T-Zone and along my jawline(where i usually break out). Did this before bed on the wednesday and when i woke up thursday my face was red again, even with a weird breakout on my jawline(red lumps, mix between acne/allergic reaction cause they didnt come to a head and all my pimples usually do, had 3 or 4 that day), not as severe as last time but enough for me to believe i am now allergic to BP. Even got red where it wasnt applied and that weird red circle you can see in the second last picture came back...

So for the past week back to cetaphil and acne.org moisturiser and i havnt had a break out yet but now im geting pretty oily in my T-Zone, oilier than i have ever been. Slowly going to try to reintroduce the acne.org cleanser because even though i do feel i am now allergic to BP, I feel like i need some sort of product to keep acne away, also think its more the BP gel. Now im working on the oiliness, im thinking of experimenting with aloe vera gel, AHA, salicylic acid jojoba and not moisturising at all(Might even try applying BP just to my forehead...). Think this may no longer be an acne.org blog seeing as i cant use the BP.


Stopping regimen got rid of redness

Tried to restart completely and got red again

Think I've developed an allergy to BP

Only cleansing/Moisturising but now pretty oily skin

Now looking for way to get rid of oiliness.

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