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About To Start Regimen - Seborrheic Dermatitis

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Hey all,

I just ordered the regimen as well as the added jojoba oil to get the complete package. I'm not sure if I will use the oil but I figured I'd like to have all the tools at my disposal if I do.

Here is my concern however. My acne is fairly mild, and is ENTIRELY centered around my mouth. I get a pimple once in a blue moon on the sides of my head (somewhat near where a sideburn would be) but pretty much every single pimple is around the corners of my mouth or upper lips. That being said... I also suffer from psoriasis (which is very much so in remission at the moment) and Seborrheic dermatitis on my face. My Seborrheic dermatitis is almost entirely centered around my nose and eyebrows or the upper half of my face. So acne bottom half, SD upper half.

I have read recently in regards to Seborrheic dermatitis that Oelic Acid, an ingredient commonly found in natural moisturizers, feeds the yeast that causes Seborrheic dermatitis. From what I've read your jojoba oil contains 10% Oelic Acid. I was considering just essentially doing the regimen on the bottom half of my face and maybe that would be a neutral ground just incase.

It's funny because originally I had my SD and a little bit of acne but zero skin care routine really. I never washed my face, or used anything but the steroids and maintenance perscribed for my nose. One day I declared I was going to start becoming proactive and develop a skin care routine. I went out and bought Cetaphil Cleanser and the Cetaphil Moisturizer as well as Neutrogena on-the-spot treatment and a couple other acne products. After 4 weeks of doing my skin care routine my acne was so bad that I saw my doctor who put me on Solodyn (an extended release version of Minocycline). I found it quite funny that my acne was only a few blemishes and washing my face caused like the worst break out since I was a teen (I'm 27 now).

I did some reading on Cetaphil Cleanser and apparently it contains one of your No-No ingredients which is SLS or whatever among a couple others I hear are bad. I found it odd such a highly regarded cleanser was kinda well....bad. So for 1 week now (3rd week of minocycline with no results also) I stopped cleansing and went pure water. Twice a day I splash water on my face and then apply the neutrogena 2.5% BP over my acne, and my meds for my SD over my nose and thats it.

Then I discovered this site and two things shocked me / gave me hope. One was that I was barely putting BP on my face like the tiniest amount and the video showed a ton. My skin can handle plenty more in terms of dryness i just assumed less the better. Also I was being very sporadic with it which could have been the excessive acne being I was in the "purge" phase but never left that cause I was so sporadic making my acne worse than ever. The other was that I want to use a cleanser and now that I don't use cetaphil maybe this one is for me.

So I guess my main question in this excessively long post is anyone have any opinions or experience with Seborrheic dermatitis and this regimen? Also any comments about what I've gone thru so far and your experiences (such as with the cetaphil) would be cool too.


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Aw, no responses? Guess I made my post too long haha

As a side note while I'm here I'm on day 7 or so of using nothing but water and benzoyl peroxide (the neutrogena spot stuff 2.5%, my package comes in next couple days) and my face is really clearing up. I think the key was discovering the more BP the better...I've been slathering it on. I wonder if there will be a problem switching between this cream BP and the gel BP from acne.org when it arrives? I'd much rather use a gel as the cream gets caught in my chin stubbles and looks like a white mess.

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