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I'm Sooo Depressed Because Of My Acne!

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Oh, I see. I guess that's perhaps why you were hoping for a bit more impact from it then. It's not a miracle-worker though, can take up to at least a month before you know for sure if things like that are working.

As for the pimples, I suppose it depends on how he's doing it and what stage the pimples are it. If they're on top of the skin, then perhaps he's knows what to do in terms on extracting them without causing damage. But if they're not fully formed or whatever and he's forcing them which will hurt, that's not a good idea and personally, I'd tell him to stop.

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well, actually he told me that he's just pricking the pimples that needed pricking, he doesn't force the others and he stops when it hurts tooo much....... the pricking hurts more than the injection............. still believe in him though...........

gotta keep holding on.................. keeping faith............. still...........

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....... HELP......went to the doctor's yesterday and my worries have been confirmed........ it seems that my condition is going up and down and up and down....... thats why he said that i should now take Isotretinoin <Accutane>...i'm kinda skeptic, afraid and still on the fence about it.......... what am i going to do...... i've been researching it and the side effects are really overwhelming..... my doctor also explained that on the first month of use i might even breakout more.... i mean will i even be able to handle that?????..........

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Accutane is a big decision, but if you feel your out the end of your rope and don't wanna deal with this horrible disease any longer than go ahead and do it. I made the decision to take it and I'm finally starting to clear up on the third month. You will probably experience an Initial breakout but hey, it won't lost forever. I hope you can turn this around. Peace & love

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Hi Margox,

I'm sorry to hear that things have been so rough with your acne :( I know what that is like. People in my family would always say stuff like: "Oh such a pretty girl, but with such horrible acne" or "What have you been doing lately? Your skin is looking terrible." I understand how hurtful it can be; often, I've realized, they do it out of love and concern for us...although I have to admit, their methods are awkward. Just last weekend, I was at a Gala Ball with my bf, and I took 0 pictures with him, because I'm so embarassed by my skin. We were the only couple not to have their picture taken, and I could tell this hurt his feelings.

After an 11 year battle with moderate to severe acne, I decided to go on Accutane. I talked to my dermatologist (who has been extremely supportive and whose own kids were on Accutane), and she answered all of my questions in thorough detail. In fact, she even gave me an informational booklet and a month to think about it. After reading the side effects and reflecting upon them, I thought: "Heck, if she gave it to her kids, she must think that it's pretty safe." I'm already on month 2.5 and I've seen rapid and sharp improvement! Whatever you do, the important thing is to make this YOUR decision. No one can choose for you. Read, discuss, and reflect upon what is best for your body and your self esteem!

PM me if you want to talk about Accutane, your acne battle, or just life in general! Peace!

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