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So here is a new one for the hard core TCA fans....

I have a dozen or so ice pick/deep pores that I have been spot treating with 100% TCA with good success and I plan on continuing the treatments.

However, I also would like to try a 25-33% TCA peel. This is something I have never tried but, I feel it may help to reduce some of the shallow scarring, boxcar depressions and moderately large pores that are too minor for TCA cross.

So the question is:

Can I do my spot treaments with 100% TCA and then, lets say 15 minutes later, apply a 25-33% TCA solution to my entire face (overlapping the cross treated spots) for a deep TCA peel?

I figure I am going to be down for a week anyway and I could kill 2 birds with one stone. Furthermore, the TCA peel would "pool" a little more TCA into the spots for an even deeper "spot" treatment.

What do you all think about this? Answer quickly because I plan on doing this TONIGHT!

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Nobody should start with a 25-33% TCA peel. 6-12% is more common. Being in a hurry can lead to a disaster, know what I mean?

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That seems pretty drastic. If you're spot treating with 100% and then go over it with 25-33%, it'd probobly make things a lot worse. That's a lot of acid you're putting on your face and it would seem that the cons definetly outway the pros. When I do a 12% all over peel, it stings and burns so badly that I don't know how someone would have enough guts to do a 33%. That would probobly feel like pouring hot oil on your face. Plus, you're risking a lot of hyperpigmentation with such a high strength. I'm not a doctor, but with my own experience, 12% is just right for me (maybe even a little too strong). I'm glad I didn't jump right into 25% because i'm sure i'd be a lot worse off now. Even with low strengths, the peeling and redness isn't completely done for a week or two (in my experience). I'd imagine yours would carry a longer down time. Why not do a low strength every week? It's tempting to launch an all out attack on your face but do it wisely and be careful.

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6-12% is essentially a joke. It is a more superficial peel with the intent on doing multiple 6-12% peels in the future.

In order to achieve sufficient dermal penetration, a higher concentration of TCA is required. I am leaning towards 25% initially but, after doing spot TCA with 100% I do know how very powerful this stuff is.

In fact, there are many posts on these boards of people doing 25-33% TCA peels, I am just concerned about doing it in conjunction with the spot TCA.

Thank you for your concerns though.

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Maybe after you apply the 100% to your pits, you can cover them with a little vaseline so the 25-33% TCA doesn't run into them?

And vice versa (put some vaseline around the pits while applying the 100%).

That way you are treating only the areas you want with the different concentrations.

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BAD idea. I think the whole point of TCA CROSS working is that you have enuf good healthy skin surrounding the scar for the skin to health. Don't overtraumatize/ why not just do the spot peels/full face at another time. better safe than sorry.

And 6-12.5% is not a joke peel, although yeah it's pretty subtle but it's meant for shallower scarring/uneven skin texture...why not do a series, you'll get similar results with less down time and you'll know how your skin reacts to the peel plus there's less risk of scarring or hypo/hyper pigmentation.

start off slow first

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In fact, there are many posts on these boards of people doing 25-33% TCA peels, I am just concerned about doing it in conjunction with the spot TCA.

Yes, and some of those people have made their skin worse.

A series of 6-12% TCA peels are much safer and will yield similar results. I know because I've done them. Don't be impatient.

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