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Just Using Soap. Skin Improving! :)

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On all the websites, they tell you to:

wash your face with a liquid cleanser that contains BP or SA


moisturize with an oil-free moisturizer

spot treat

...all of this, twice a day. They also add to scrub your face three times a week or so.

I used to use these, but then I realized how unnecessary it all was. Look at all of the ingredient labels on all of your products...that is what's going on your face all the time. My face was actually getting worse. When I thought about it, my skin was probably amazingly confused. All of those ingredients sitting on my skin--gross!

So I decided to go against what everyone has been saying and just use soap once a day. Right now, I'm using Basis Vitamin Bar, and it's great! I know everyone says soap is over drying, but not if you get the correct one. About the moisturizer, people also say you HAVE to moisturize after you strip your skin of its oils, but if you're using a gentle cleanser/soap, your skin wouldn't be stripped in the first place.

Also, I'm going to try NOT TO CHANGE MY REGIMEN. I changed my products all the time whenever they appeared to not work. I'd use a medicated cleanser and moisturizer twice a day, then natural cleanser and toner and natural moisturizer once a day, then add a scrub, then blah blah blah. If I'd actually tried to stick to something simple, like just soap and spot treatment as needed, I'd be getting great results like I am now.

I'd recommend this to anyone!! The Basis Vitamin Bar is great, but I heard Cetaphil and Dove make great soap bars too.

I'll keep updating. my skin's scars are already fading and I'm breaking out less :)

If you try this, let me know how it works for you.

Thank you!

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Good idea. Keep it as simple as possible. I can say from experience that for me at least, topicals have barely had any positive effect on my acne. All they've done is make me a less wealthy man. :) Even when they do work for others, they're still not addressing the real cause of the acne. Find the real cause (diet, hormones, etc.), and you won't even need to worry about flooding your skin (and body, since all that stuff gets absorbed into your bloodstream) with endless products.

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