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Question Regarding Salicylic Acid

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I normally use 2% Paula's Choice Anti-Blemish toner, however, it is very expensive in my opinion, especially when you add on delivery costs (I live in the UK).

I found somewhere that sells 5% salicylic acid in liquid form, for more than half the price of the Paula's Choice toner, so I bought it. However it is WAY too strong to use as a toner everyday for me (even though I only use toner once a day, at night, anyway) and it is too extreme for my skin. I think I'd have to use it every 5 days or so, lol.

Anyway my question is, I have one of my old Paula's Choice containers. Would it be possible to mix one part 5% salicylic acid, with one part water, and make my own 2.5% toner? Would mixing the SA and water stop the salicylic acid working as well? Will it mess up or not work or have some other awful effect? Or can I do this? This would be the ideal solution as long as it's safe and still works.

Thanks in advance!

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If it aint' broke...If Paula's choice SA works for you I would just stick with it! The cost is the concerning part but in the long run you may up paying more to undo what was did. It seems like a lot of work and hit and miss to make it work. On Paula's website she does give great reviews on other products that might work for you and your budget$!

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If your SA product is water based, it shouldn't be a problem to dilute it. Whether or not it will work just as good as Paula's Choice, that's something you'll find out soon enough. Did you know they have a UK website? http://www.paulaschoice.co.uk/ Maybe it's cheaper ordering from there (assuming you ordered from the US website before).

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Guest Leajer424

i don't think adding water would change it's efficacy...everything has water in it...lotion, toners, washes, etc. waters shouldn't change the ph of it either. just be sure to use purifed water.

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