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Cyst Acne In Same Spot Every Time. No Other Place. What To Do?

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I get a acne cyst between my eyebrows every 2 weeks or so. It's like routine, i know that when one goes away, like 2 weeks later, sometimes less, i'm going to get another one right around the same spot

I have not had a cystic acne anywhere else besides in between my eyebrows. It moves like 1 cm to the left or right, but always there.

I took minocycline and doxycycline for like 2 years and it worked. Stopped the cysts completely. But then, all meds stopped working (mino, doxy, and others) and also started giving me stomach problems so i stopped. So they came back to the same routine.

It's always only 1 cysts too and i really don't know what to do.

I had one about 2 weeks ago, and right now, i have some pain in the area and it's starting to get a bump so i know another one is on the way.

Is there ANYTHING i can do to stop these or at least control them?

I've tried icing when it is still in the early stages, like now, but it doesn't seem to do anything....

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actually, that is the same cyst, it never was cured. that is your problem area. in problem areas you are getting irritated skin and results in this cyst. you need to stop washing that area and stop picking it, do not touch the damn thing. the only way to let it pass and keep it out for good it this. let the cyst surface on its own, it needs to clear out on its own, it will become a whitehead and just leave it alone, no popping or touching, just leave it be, it should only be a matter of 1 or 2 days (best to leave it alone on the weekends). once it pops on its own it will start to heal on its own. HOWEVER, it might need to re-surface again depending on how deep and infected it is, and it sounds deep. leave it be. i also i remember having those when i had acne, i use to wash the same area over and over and the same exact zit would show up and go away and up and down over and over again. until i stopped washing it or touching it and it finally went away. i never wash my face with anything but water (and i never touch it i just splash cold water on my face for a good 2 minutes).

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I did mess with it at the beginning, so maybe that's why it came back, but since then i never touch it when it comes up. It's been coming back on it's own for 2 years and for over a year i have not messed with it when it just keeps on coming back so leaving it alone doesn't seem to be working. I mean i do wash my face with soap and usually wash the spot also with soap but other than that i never mess with it anymore. Doesn't make a difference though. Also, it doesn't seem to develop into a head really. it always feels like it's just swelling up and then going back (although there are a few small whiteheads that appear on it but no way all the pus comes out i know that for sure.

So maybe, it's never actually healed like you said. But then how do i make it heal if it's not healing on it's own even though i'm not messing with it.

I will stop washing the area so hopefully that works.

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