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So I"ve been doing glycolic acid peels to try and get rid of my scars/PIH. I started earlier this year, then stopped for about 4 months over the summer because I go to the beach a lot and am always in the sun. I started again about 3 weeks ago and have been doing 30-45% peels. I'm not seeing any drastic results so the other day I ordered makeupartistschoice's 30% TCA kit and plan to dilute the solution. It was shipped today and am hoping to get it by monday.

What % do you recommend I start with? I definitely don't want to go crazy the first time and do more harm than good so I was thinking 15% would be appropriate. Also, how much downtime do you think this will be and does anyone know what day you usually start peeling?

Thanks for any help!

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I've never seen any improvement from glycolic either...it just doesn't penetrate the skin well enough. Salicylic acid does a better job of that. In a peel, salicylic is a very different animal than your average 2% SA toner. From my experience, it's incredibly effective. TCA is way more intense than salicylic, and way WAY more intense than glycolic. I mean, I've never done a TCA peel, but the difference between glycolic and TCA is tremendous (in how it interacts with you skin). I usually hear that properly done TCA peels have a week of downtime. Ah!

Sorry! Probably not the answer you were looking for. Good luck! TCA is extremely effective, if you can bear the peeling.

Hopefully someone with more experience in at-home TCA can help.

Here's some stuff from the website if you didn't catch it:

If you are concerned about the strength of this particular TCA kit, then we urge you to begin with either our 8% or 12.5% pre-mixed TCA peels...both are considered "light" peels and appropriate for most beginners.

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Personally I just started using TCA peels as well. I don't use entirely for scarring though because I'm very minimal scarring wise so I can't entirely give you the best of information regarding results with TCA peeling and scarring but I can tell you my experience.

I started with 12.5% but I'm darker descent than you are so you can probably start a little higher as risk of hypo/hyperpigmentation for you is much lower than it is for me. TCA Is a much stronger peel than glycolic. It also produces much more results in terms of scarring improvement than glycolic so you're in the right direction.

It's a self-neutralizing peel so you don't need anything to neutralize it.

But basically you want to start out with one layer @ 15% Your skin will get very tight and it may scab but at layer more or less it probably won't and you should peel within a week ~ little longer maybe. It's important not to peel it yourself though and let it fall off naturally. You shouldn't wear makeup until you peel also.

The downtime for the 1st peel is about two weeks at one layer.

You should increase layers each session up to 5 layers at 15% and then after that you can move up a little higher and start back at one layer again if you'd like.

It's important to ALWAYS use a high sunscreen like SPF 60+ and avoid the sun as much as possible. You have to continue using sunscreen for a very long time.

At two layer peeling you should wait about 3-4 weeks before doing another peel. At three-4-5 you should wait a month minimum before doing the next peel and you should ALWAYS use something like EMU Oil on anything higher than one layer of peeling.

Of course for best results.. the higher you get to the better they will be for scarring. It's important to stay consistent though and make sure you are allocating time appropriately before new treatments.

I will reiterate this though that with double and even three layer peeling that you will notice some scabbing and the skin will frost. I should also take note for you that the peel is quite painful with multi-layering. I didn't use anything to numb my face so I dealt with it but it stings to hell and back. Let me know if you need any more help. Take care, wish you the best on your treatment.

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