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Hello all,

Like many of you, I have scoured this board in search of scar treatments that will conclusively work. And like many of you, I have found it to be very frustrating to spend hours sifting through threads for people who have posted long term results. Those that do post their successes are few and far between. There are lots of people who post positive results a few days after their treatment and then never post again, leaving us wondering.

I think if we had a consolidated thread of all the people who have had LONG TERM success, it would be a great resource for everyone on this board. With it, people suffering from scars won't have to sift through thousands of threads and incomplete treatment logs.With input from all the people on this board we can once and for all figure out what treatments to use and what to avoid.

So please post in here if you have had long term success with a scar treatment. Not positive results the day after, but results that are still there for at least a few months. Please post the severity of your scarring, type of scarring, type of treatment, duration of the treatment, and which doctor (if you visited one). Pictures are awesome!

If you have had a bad experience with a treatment then please post too, we want to know what to stay away from!

Finally I think it would be great if we could consolidate links to all the old results threads that were long term and conclusive.

Lamarr had very good success using LED lights and derma rolling


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mr. matt had good results from subcision


principessa_italiana had good results with severe scarring using dermal grafts


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Well I don't have and long-term pictures to post (other than for spiro wich cleared my acne in about 4 months) but I am doing TCA peels currently so I could have result to post later on

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This should be a sticky smile.png

I agree a post like this should be a sticky. After all, this is one of the most sought after things on this board. The same counts for a thread with a list of great doctors and an organized thread with promising future technologies. Thinking about it, there's so much that can be done to enrich this board!

Ontopic: Reserved for my future results :)

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From the old similar thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/234065-scar-success-stories/

Method: CO2 Laser Resurfacing + Fraxel + years of time

Improvement: 80-90% (check out her other pictures...)

Check out "FourMurasame" gallery


Method: "Needling+dermaroller+light therapy+topicals+internal supplements"

Improvement: 70-100%??

Check out "Lamarr1986"s post "Ok Guys"


Method: Subcision

Improvement: 40-70%

Check out "OursFan" post "Just had subcision today"


Method: Needling

Improvement: 50-70%

Check out "CitizenPanda"s post "My scars are disappearing"


Method: Subcision

Improvement: 30-50%


Method: Microdroplet Silicon Injections

Improvement: 50-70%


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It seems that overall, laser treatments produce the most dramatic improvements. I am going to try dermabrasion, but I'm nervous. I'm doing it myself. My plan is to treat small areas at a time so I don't have redness and "crusting" all over.

Has anyone had success with at-home dermabrasion? With retail brand kits or medical-grade crystals?

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Thanks for the support guys :). I think it should be a sticky as well, but that is not up to me to decide. If it's not a sticky then let's at least keep bumping it up to the top with new posts!

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I tried dermarolling and it made a scar come out that wasn't there before. If it was there, it was very shallow and hiding. Now it's one of my deepest scars. It literally wasn't visible right before I dermarolled. It appeared literally right after I went over it with the roller. I know every scar on my face, because I look at them numerous times a day. I looked at the area before I dermarolled and it wasn't there. It showed up right after I went over that area while I was still rolling. It's still there a week later.

I used very small needle size to see how my face would react (thank God!) and apparently my skin hates the dermaroller. I seriously didn't think .02 needles could do damage or I wouldn't have even done it at all. I was shocked it made a scar visible. That needle length isn't even supposed to do anything but let topicals sink in more.

I'm guessing that 'scar' that came out must have been right below the epidermis and the needles brought it out. Obviously it had to be there, hiding, since the dermaroller didn't puncture my skin. I had no bleeding, just some mild redness that's normal from that length. I'm hoping it goes away, but it's been at least a week and it's still there, so I'm not holding my breath.

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Hey guys, so I found an old thread started by Dan that's pretty similar to this thread:


There's some good stuff in it but unfortunately its 8 years old so people haven't posted in it for a long time. Perhaps a mod could merge this thread into that one?

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