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So as I approach my 21st birthday (well in November), I'm still at the same stage I was last year, which is jawline acne some hyper pigmentation and breakouts that never clear up.

I've contacted many online health professionals (victoriahealth.com -  Uk site with a natural guru who has helped me more than my doctor has). I'd still breaking out on my jawline (lower and upper) and occasionally on my chin. (it use to be always on my chin and occasionally on the jawline). My cheeks and forehead are pretty much clear.

Here's what I'm taking/eating:

Omega 3 capsule, high strength, twice per day

A multivitamin with added iron, one per day

Burdock root (as reccomended by the above professional) 425mg capsule, 4 times a day,been taking it for 3 weeks now.

Better You, Sublingual Vitamin D spray (as reccomended by the above professional)- 2 sprays, been taking it for 3 weeks now.

Saw Palmetto, 2 per day though this is just to use the meds up, I won't be taking it any more as 3 months have passed with no results.(as reccomended by the above professional)


Home-made cereal full of nuts and seeds, plus blueberries, served with organic rice milk

Lots of steam vegetables

one apple and some blueberries everyday

Lean chicken

4 litres of purified water

4 cups of herbal tea 'Skin purify tea' with mint, nettle and fennel.

No Dairy

No Wheat

No Gluten

No processed Sugar

100% natural skincare (Liz Earle)

Manuka Honey (UMF 15) at night, leave it on for 30 minutes, started this 3 weeks ago - it helps.

15 minutes of light yoga based excessive per day

Shave every other day

Exfoliate once a week

Don't moisturise very often

Don't touch skin or pick pimples.

Reduced stress levels with 10 mins of meditation before bedUse to use BP 2 years ago but did nothing apart from make my skin look dull and dry.

Sorry for the long list but I've exhausted pretty much any acne causing foods that I can think of.

It's strange (though perhaps informative) that my acne is only on my jawline, but after all the things I've been doing, I shouldn't have it!

Any suggestions what to do next? Naturpath perhaps?

Thank You!

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