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I am not sure whether you meant uploading a picture to the Gallery or displaying a picture in a post.

Well, if you want to know how to upload a picture to the Gallery, then you go to your control panel and click 'Your Albums' under "Invision Gallery" category in the "Menu" board.

if you want to display a picture in a post, then you cannot use pictures in the Gallery. you have to upload your picture to some other server. the reason you cannot use the Gallery is that the URLs of the pictures in the Gallery are not ended with standard extensions like jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, while when you want to display in a post, the URL of the picture must be ended with a standard one. that's a bit contradictory, but I do not know why the site was composed so.

Some of the members here have already some pictures displayed in their post. you can have a look at the URL of one of the pictures, then u can infer from it which server they used and then you can probably upload your pictures to that server as well.

A compromising way is to show the URL of the picture, and let the viewer of your post click on the URL and be taken to the picture.

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I don't speak or read German so I don't know what the words say under your morphing symbol. But, tell me, what the hell is that swastika all about. You some kind of neo-nazi nut case?  MY father fought that scum during WW2 so I don't appreciate it and I am sure our Jewish posters feel the same.


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