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Advice on moisturizer

I know there are hundreds of threads about moisturizers already but I couldn't find what i was looking for by searching. Im about two weeks into the regimen and need advice on a moisturizer. I was previously using cetaphil daily face moisturizer with spf 15. I would really like to switch to a moisturizer that is less oily so my face isn't as shiny plus it really burns but that could be from bp. I was wondering about neutrogena oil free for sensitive skin but I got mixed feed back from reading the reviews. I was also considering the cetaphil moisturizing lotion but don't know how well it works. Any opinions on this or suggestion for a oil free moisturizer that won't make my face shiny or break me out? Thanks.

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Here's what I wrote to another member that was asking ab cleanser and I took it for moisturizer:

"I totally agree that upscale does not matter whatsoever...however, I have very oily skin and the Clinique thirsty skin relief gel or spray moisturizer I would say is the best if you really want to go that route. I truly love the spray because you don't have to touch your face and smear it around and it is as lightweight as you can get. I would get it myself if I wasn't so poor! If anyone knows of a cheaper version of the spray I would love to hear. Good luck smile.png

I am also looking for an inexpensive one that doesn't make skin even more oily."

One tip though: After I moisturize and let it soak in as much as possible I use bamboo or rice paper blotting sheets on my face to remove extra oil or moisturizer that didn't sink in all the way. It helps a lot. Those blotters that are made of the rubbery material (Clean and Clear) are not as good as the paper ones.

Also, I just can't use the SPF ones bc they make me oily, but maybe I haven't found a good one yet. Maybe it's worth it to spend more on the moisturizer if you need a good one for your skin type. I think so.

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