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Paragard and Acne??? QUESTION

I am 22 yrs old I have a son who is 2 yrs old I dont want any kids right now so I have had my iud since last yr jan 6 and got a new one on sept of last yr because it moved down to my cervix. I can not use anything with hormones because I horrible side affects. I have been reading about some sort of link between the cooper and acne. I had clear skin with my normal break outs when I have my pr before. I just stop using proactive about 1 month ago and I have been breaking out like crazy with white heads on forehead/ some black heads/ one cystic/ and some inflamed acne which were white heads. But I can not explain my chest and back acne that I have been getting. My iron is also low and my period last about 2 weeks and I only get like less than 2 weeks of a break of from it super heavy I have to use jumbo pads or transformer pads as I call them. I have no idea whats going on with my body :( I lost weight bc I am eating a bit health. I cut down on dairy/caffine and start taking zinc and vitmain d so far so good. I am using cethaphil and tree tea oil as well as witch hazel for a toner in the morning with a bit of jojaba oil. and at night same process but with bp and every now then use BP in the morning. I am trying my best to eat veggies and fruits. I feel like I am going crazy searching for a cure its an obssesion (sad). any advice on what to do I am so lost right now thanks.

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Forewarning, I do not trust BP. It was like 90% effective for me in getting rid of acne, but it was leaving orange spots on my clothes and my face definitely felt more irritable from using it. I stopped using it cold turkey and got a horrible breakout (which lead me to post here again) and now I'm back to looking for ways to control my acne.

I've been taking 1000mg of B5 and L-Caritine, plus Fish oil pills, for about 2-3 weeks now. It really seems to be working for me. My old marks are healing while any new ones I get are very marginal. I really can't say if this will work for you because there were definitely a bunch of different variables for me. For example, also washing my face with only water seemed to help too.

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