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I started having acne when I was about 11 until 25. I tried different kinds of antibiotics and over the counter and presciption creams but they did not work well. The antibiotics would only work while i was taking them and within a month my acne would come back. I also tried lasers to treat the acne, but they made it worse.It really worked wonders on my skin. At the age of 25 i was at my wits end. Quite a few of my friends had taken accutane and it had worked wonders for ridding them of thier acne. I remember crying myself to sleep after counting 30 some odd pimples on my face. I made an appointment at UCLA derm. for the folllowing week. The derm told me it was time for me to try accutane. Within the first month I started seeing improvement. I had to do blood work every month to ensure that the accutane was not hurting me. My sking became very dry and tight and my lips were always chapped. I used the oly serum on my skin and it really helped with the dryness. I was on accutane for 6 months, this was over 5 years ago. I have to say it was an amazing experience. My skin has been clear since with the exception of one to two minor pimples monthly. I wish I had done it sooner and if you're thinking about doing it please please please go to a good doctor who will check your blood monthly to make sure your health is not at risk!

Now my only worry was the moderate acne scars left behind from over a decade of acne. About 4 years after I stopped taking accuntane I decide to do something about the scars, I believe you have to wait at least a year to do any kind of treatment after accutane.

I've done 3 fraxel treatements. I saw an immediate improvement on my skin after the first one, but that's because your face becomes swollen the week after so it appears that the scars are gone, but within a few weeks most of the scars came back. After the first time I saw a 20% improvement. I was excited and made an appoinment 6 weeks later. the second treatment did nothing. I made a third appointment, the third treatment also did nothing. Then I was told i should spreed 3 months between appointments. I was pissed about spending sooo much money and only seeing 20% improvement when i was told it would be more like 40-70 at the end so I tried juvedrem filler injections which did nothing, it was like throwing money away. i was very sad and expressed my feelings od dissatisfaction, it had been 6 months from the last time i did my third fraxel and 1 month since the juvederm. The spa offered me a fourth fraxel restore for free and i thought why not? If I see at least a another 20% improvement from this last one I'll spreed the fraxel restore treatments 6 months to year apart...I'll write back in 3 months letting you guys know what happens. If i see almost no improvement I will never do fraxel restore again cause its expensive as heck and it crushes your hopes. All that being said I'm still very happy that I got about a 20% to 25% improvement.

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