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I'm 25 years old (soon 26) and I'm still suffering from mild but persistent acne almost 10 years now. Its killed my self-esteem. For the past 6 years I've been actively seeking a way to control it, and up until recently I have had no success. For the last 5 months I've been using Dan's Regimen, along with taking 100mg of Doxycycline 2x daily, and a salicylic acid 2% toner. I've also been taking Vitamin E, Zinc, Fish Oil, and a multivitamin daily. My acne still persists through all of this. The severity of the breakouts has lessened - the pimples are not has big, but the frequency of breakouts has not changed.

I am quite frustrated because of any of these treatments alone should be enough to keep my acne under control. My skin is getting older and some scarring has definitely started to show. Even though the breakouts are small they seem to last forever, and the red marks they leave behind do not fade away.

Antibiotics do not seem to do much for me, I've tried: The entire tetracycline family (tetra, doxy, mino), and erythromycin

Normally in combination with a topical benzoyl peroxide or retin A (differin)

At this point I'm honestly afraid to try anything else because anything that increases breakouts will increase my chances of scarring.

Does anyone have any ideas what I should do next?



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