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Shipping to Canada

Hello all! I've been creeping around on this website for the past few weeks because, well, I'm just sick and tired of having acne. I turned 24 a few weeks ago, so that brings my grand total of acne-suffering years to 10. It just really bothers me because I always put makeup on my face before I leave the house and I don't want to have to do this anymore. Plus, when I do leave the house, I find myself looking at other peoples’ faces in envy of their clear, beautiful skin.

Unfortunately for me—well, not really unfortunately because I’m pretty fortunate to have this great opportunity—I'm leaving to teach English in France for seven months and I don't want to have to pay ridiculous shipping fees to have the regimen sent to me over there, so, I'm okay with having acne/wearing makeup for the next seven months; however, when I come back in May, I'd really, really like to give Dan's regimen a try because I've basically tried everything except for Accutane, and I refuse to go on that stuff. My acne’s not horrendous by any means, and when I do wear makeup, I can cover it up as well as the hyperpigmentation of past acne spots up pretty well, but, like I said, I just don’t want to wear makeup anymore.

I’m wondering if any of the Canadian customers could answer the following questions that I have in regards to having Dan’s regimen sent over to me in Canada (I live in Niagara Falls):

- Which shipment option do you use?

- What is the grand total that you pay to have the regimen shipped to you?

- Do you have to pay customs fees?

- How often do you reorder your regimen; do you use the customizable, build your kit option? If so, what do you choose for the “week†option so that your shipment arrives on time?

I apologize for the long length of this post, but I really want to be well informed before I spend money on something, especially since I’ve already spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on different cleansers and acne treatments (Proactiv), with no success.

Thank you in advance for all of your help!

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I don't live in Canada but I do a lot of online shopping so I thought I'd add my thoughts.

With the Regimen I order when I've only got 1/4 of the bottle left - basically once the pump starts having trouble pulling product up. But adding in time for customs to examine things (I've ordered things from Hong Kong and England before - but never anything liquid) I would actually place my order once my bottle is half empty (that gives them about a month to examine everything and get it to you). Dan Kern Inc. (or whatever his company goes by) is really good at shipping things quickly from my experience but giving shipping companies/customs a month is plenty of time (assuming you buy the big bottles).

I'm not sure if Dan's $5 shipping applies to countries outside the U.S. too but you could try doing an auto-shipping order if it does - that would really cut down on shipping costs and the stress of remembering when to reorder. The only thing is, getting shipping time down on that might be tricky, and you don't want to end up with multiple big bottles of product sitting around while you're still trying to work your way through one.

Hopefully someone else can help you with these questions. If not try posting in the international section of the forum.

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Thanks very much for your reply Cocobo! I'll probably do what you suggested and reorder when I'm half empty...I just wish that I could order the regimen now, it's just going to be so darn expensive having it shipped over to France. I mean, I've had acne 10 years now, what's another 7 months?

By the way, when you say the big bottles, do you mean the ones that are 16 oz?

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does acne.org ship to canada?

I used to order the BP off amazon, but it seems the 8oz is no longer available to ship to Canada. Atleast that's what it said last time I tried to order…. I ended up buying a 16oz bottle instead, I will have to pour them into smaller containers as I will be travelling and can't afford to bring such a huge amount of product. But overall, the shipping on amazon.com is much better value than ordering directly off this site.

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