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Culturelle for Acne?

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My son has struggled with acne for 5 years. It is not cystic, but he has it on his face neck, hairline and back. It has been resistant to antibiotics and prescription topicals. He recently tried Accutane, but he decided to stop because it caused painful pyogenic granulomas on his fingernails. He also had strep throat and two battles with MRSA during the Accutane treatment. His latest MRSA incident sent him to the emergency room in college and then to a plastic surgeon to drain abscesses on his face! We think the Accutane may have lowered his immune system to allow him to succumb to these infections because he is usually extremely healthy. During the last MRSA incident he took Clindamycin and Bactrim, so I had him take Florastor with them. He finished the antibiotics one week ago, but now takes 1 capsule of Culturelle daily to restore the good bacteria.

I recently read that probiotics may be helpful in treating acne. Anyone else know about this? I want him to try to stay off any acne meds for 4-6 months since he has been through so much these past few months. I've told him to stick with just washing with Cetaphil and using the Hibiclens twice a week (he uses this to keep the MRSA from coming back per doctors suggestion).

Is one Culturelle a day enough to help his acne? Should he take more? He is away at college, so I don't know if he has noticed a difference since he has been on the Culturelle.

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I've never heard of Culturelle, but check somewhere on the main page for Chunkylard's amazing guide to Kefir.

Sauerkraut's another option. If your son can tolerate dairy, some well sourced yogurt might work too. But know that probiotics alone will most likely only contribute to the overall clearing. I'd seriously advise you to check out this thread:

Good Things For Acne

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