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Had my dermatologist appointment this morning and after talking about work, university and sport we finally got down to talking about my skin. It took her less than a minute to pull out all of the Roaccutane (as it's called here in Australia) pamphlets, DVDs and "support package" and within ten minutes I'd signed my skin away and I was off. I just have to do a blood test tomorrow and by Thursday morning I should be swallowing my first pill.

I was surprised at how quick it has happened in comparison to what the majority of people overseas have to go through to get their scripts and what not. I just had to tick a box that said I wouldn't get pregnant and that was all.

I'll have a course for 5 months and no shorter, regardless of whether I'm clear in two, three or four months. By staying on it for 5 that supposedly increases my chances of not having to have another course. I'm pretty pumped to perfectly honest. A little wary of the side effects of course but not too bothered yet.

In terms of skin care over the next five months my plan is to wash my face twice a day with cetaphil, on days off apply cetaphil lotion and on days I'll be outside I'll apply cetaphil moisturiser with SPF30 or Sun Sense tinted moisturiser. My acne is light enough that I'm pretty confident I'll be able to continue going with just a bit of concealer and a nude powder foundation. Fingers crossed it stays fairly light and easy for the duration of the course.

I'll probably update once a week with side effects and whatever else interesting is happening. The last 19 years of my life have flown by so I'm expecting the next five months to be no different.

Have a lovely day :)

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Glad to hear you got Roaccutane so easily =)

If you use makeup, why don't you try using emu oil/jojoba oil as a makeup remover so that it heales scars and fades red marks at the same time. Or even better: adding a drop of both will do the magic :D I am off Roaccutane but I still do this, because it's just great for the skin. ;)

Also, try taking salmon oil capsules, just to kind of moisturize from inside (as well as drinking lots of water) because Roaccutane can dry you out from the inside...

I hope you see results asap. Just to encourage you-my blackheads magicly disapeared in the third week ;)

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