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So my mom put me on this product named Benzamycin, and in the beginning, it actually worked.... I had a lot of 'bumps' on my forehead from past acne and the next day I used it I could definatly notice my forehead got smoother. and over time the bumps across the fronts of my cheeks got better and my chin got better.

My only problem areas were just my forehead, cheeks and chin. But now my nose seems to be a problem, I have lost faith in this product for now useing it over maybe 2 months now and I now I bad acne on my nose and forehead and even on my upper lip! sick....

I don't know why I am still getting acne, I am religious with my routine of washing my face and useing the salic acid pads or w/e then I put on the Benz cream (wich by the way, drys up white and and its quite like a MASK!) Well since the jar is almost out and I'm due to go back to the doctor for my birth control shot then I will be able to get a new perscription.... do you think being on Depo-Provera would have anything to do with it? They say the shot actually can clear up your acne, but I've been on the shot for about 9 months now and I dont know... but they always say when useing perscription acne creams it can interfear with pregnate women? and depo provera tricks your body into thinking your pregnate wich is explain by the misc. weight gain, depression and loss of your period.... but i have not gained weight and my acne seemed to get a lil better, but now it's worse then it's ever been in my whole life.

what is another suggjestion for a presciption..... do I need to get on accutane? I heard its for mild acne, but I actually have weird acne, like different times of the month it's better and worse... maybe for 4 days I won't have any at all and my skin is hydrated and clear, then when i wash my face it gets all red and irrated and then I actually NOTICE how much acne I have...

My basic area problems are THE NOSE, the forehead (inflamation), front of cheeks, and occasionally my chin or upper lip, or sometimes an occasional zit on the cheek on the way to the temple, but i never get it on the lower sides of the cheeks or on the sides of my chin.


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My experience was similar to yours.The stuff worked great at first, then my skin worse much much worse. Large inflamed papules that hurt like a mother, and it was all over my face.I think my skin got used to the antibiotic.Now, I do the regimen and I just started with the Nucelle mandelic acid products. I am pretty darn pleased with the results.Blue has used mandelic acid for a year and is still happy with the mandelic acid. It is a little pricey, but over my lifetime I have wasted soooo much $ on stuff that either did not work or did not last, I'll pay a bit more not to waste anymore time and even more cash.

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hollister, the depo shot can most definately be contributing to your acne. i just got off of a fairly low-dose progestorone only pill and it made my acne 10 times worse. don't get on accutane until you see if it is the shot that's doing it!

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Okay... i can relate to a few of these things, not because i have ever had a depo shot cause im a guy but my sister did and she got acne then to, not bad tho only a few, but before that she never really had it, the depo shot can really screew with ur body.. and as far as the benzoil peroxide/ eythromycin combo. I used to be on just eythromycin. and it worked for about 4 months but then my acne returned and it was pretty bad. since then i just use a 10% benzoil preoxide cleansner and its workin quite well...

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