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Patient X

HELP! Infectious zits on chin and around nose!

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I'm new to this site and its regimen. Hope it helps me with my problem, which is big zits on my chin and around my nose, and occasionally on the area between my eyebrows! Fortunately, my cheeks and the other parts of my face are clear. But my chin and the area right below my nostrils get really ugly when I break out. :(( I'm 26 years old and it wasn't till last January that I started doing something about my problem. I started exercising everyday, went on a healthy diet and have been making a diligent effort to stay away from dairy, fast food, sweets, tea and coffee, processed foods, snacks like cakes and biscuits, red meat... you name it. I also started taking zinc and omega 3 pills, having vegetables with my meals, and drinking lots of green tea and water. I stopped using regular soap to wash my face and bought a salicylic acid+tea tree oil acne wash for oily skins. It made a big difference and I was absolutely clear throughout the winter. I thought I was rid of zits forever. This spring, I stopped exercising, taking omega 3 capsules, and drinking green tea, and lo and behold, the breakouts were back! I've been spot treating breakouts ever since with the following products:

1. Salicylic Acid+Tea tree oil acne wash

2. 5% Benzoyl Peroxide gel (Rugby Labs.)

This is how I did it:

I couldn't use BP for more than a week because it dried my skin out and led to new pimples. But I didn't need to use it for longer periods anyway, because it totally cleared my skin within a week or so. Then I would stop applying BP and enjoy a few days (sometimes up to 2 weeks) of perfectly clear skin.

Then I came across this website and learned that by regularly applying BP, even after you've cleared out, you can prevent future breakouts. So I bought a moisturizer for long-term BP use:

Uriage Hydracrystal Thermal Fluid Moisturizer

I also realized the importance of wearing a sunscreen which was something I had never done before, and bought:

Hyseke SPF 50 oil-free non-comedogenic sunscreen

My question is this: Given all this information, what do you think is the main reason the breakouts returned: Exposure to intense sunlight? (I live in a very hot country, btw!) Quitting exercise? Discontinuing the Omega 3 capsules? I know they all had a little to do with it, but in your experience which one has the biggest effect?

Also, I would really appreciate it if you had a look at my products and told me if they are good enough. They're French and cost me a fortune. :( I hope I've got the right products, because I can't seem to find any of the recommended products in my country.

Thank you so much for helping me out.

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