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What am I Looking at Here? (with pics).

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I had some moderate neck acne for a little while there about a year ago or less.. I went on accutane and it dealt with it nicely.. However I am still left with some marks on the left side of my neck roughly 9 or so months later..

Would this just be typical Post-Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation? Thoughts on what it is? (I outlined the spot in black on the picture I took today). Pictures are attached.

(Note, the first picture on the left is from like 9 months ago when I was just barely off accutane, so the red marks are much more strong and noticeable.. I just put that one up because it illustrates the mark/redness with better clarity). The picture on the right I just took like 10 minutes ago.

My derm thinks the cysts/acne in that area is still somewhat active and thats why it is red.. And he thinks I should go on another course of accutane as result :s

Any feedback or help is appreciated! Thanks everyone.





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Hard to say but its probably just red marks, i mean only u can tell yourself if its a cyst cause u know what a cyst feels like, come on dude.

If i get a cyst ill know it is for sure cause of its pain. A red mark on the other hand i dont feel shit, it just looks ugly.

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