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What a disaster (after 2 months without cysts)

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Hi everyone!

I am going through a tough time. You may remember, I am in my early 30s. Two months ago I had a severe cyst breakout, with 2 huge hurting cysts coming out and being really hard to deal with (one of them left a red mark which i still have now). After that day, June 15, I started a new regimen. Washing my face twice a day with distilled tea tree oil in mineral water, and taking 50mg of Zinc per day.

For two months and until now, I stayed cyst free.

Occasional little whitehead, but nothing big came out.

Last week, I thought I could try a new soap, and read good reviews about Clinique. I went to buy myself the liquid soft soap, and the moisturizer that goes with it. I started the regimen. My skin was actually looking a bit better the first couple of days.. But today, what a catastrophy:

I have two new cysts coming out.

One of them actually hurts.

I did not have this for two months, and here we go again.

Why did I even try Clinique! I should have tried the moisturizer only first.

Or maybe nothing at all.

It feels quite terrible, because I thought I was finally free of those cysts, and I was getting confident again, after 16 years battling against acne. But no, I had to have one of these again. Would have been too easy otherwise...

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im a little older then you

but im going to try tea trea oil on my cysts because I heard they're anti inflammatory

all im using right now is tazorac retinoid and warm water to wash my face

i don't use any cleansers because it seems my skin is sensitive to alot of things

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Tee tree oil works wonder. I should never have switched to Clinique soap.

I am trying to hammer the two cysts/deep pimples down right now. I am using my old regimen again (washing with dilluted tee tree oil) and i have done an aspirin mask to calm the inflammation around the cysts. One of the cyst had a small whitehead this morning (the whitehead fell during washing, but no blood came out and the bump is still here). The other is slowly coming to a head as well. After, I hydrate my face to make sure the dryness is also not turning into red areas.

I do not mind the little bumps but I hope the red area around will calm down quickly.

Darn things are always coming at the wrong time!

And I was 2 months free of them. Why did I switch to Clinique!

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I am also giving up on the cleansers now.

I bought some hydrocortisone to apply for one or two days, in an attempt to seriously hammer those two darn things down! they are coming to heads, but they are very reddish, and it looks angry. The tea tree oil and aspirin masks did help already. Tonight I just washed, and no TTO, no aspirin mask. A dab of hydrocortisone, and we will see tomorrow!

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well not sure what to think of hydrocortisone.

the pain is gone from the two pimples.

but they are still here. turning from light red to dark red.

not sure if it's good.

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3 years after, I am still battling. Amazing to read this message and see that I am at the exact same point! 2 big pimples which I have just popped. One seems to be gone and looking better. One is bright red and kept refilling yesterday. My derm finally took a sample last week. Eager to see that result.

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