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Cystic acne at age 24

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Good morning!

So, I had moderate acne as a teen and was put on antibiotics, which cleared it up. Went off at about age 18, I'm now 24, and my skin was fine up until about three months ago when I started breaking out mainly on one cheek. I got a lot of big pustules and then had a spot lower down that refused to budge ... I went to the derm and he said the spot that has been there about a month looks cystic or nodular.

I haven't ever had any cystic acne in my life as far as I know (and have been to derms, they never said cystic) .. has anyone else just started getting cystic acne pretty far past their teen years?

Just wondering how common this is! Thanks :)

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It's relatively normal for women to experience all degrees of acne all the way up to 60 and sometimes beyond. It happens to us due to all the hormone changes we're always going through--and yes, sometimes it suddenly goes cystic. I've read it's particularly common for acne to suddenly show up the closer you get to your thirties and then after that, menopause. Also not uncommon for pregnancy to cause acne due to the flood of hormones (for some people it's like waking a sleeping beast that refuses to leave and they get stuck with it!). It also seems like plenty of women can suddenly suffer swift, severe bouts of acne in the span of like, months before it suddenly calms down and goes away (that's got to be the worst). Anyways, I don't remember having cystic acne in my teens either, but I have definitely started to get some of those under the skin zits now! It sucks.

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