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Acne & Pore Minimizing - My Regimen

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I suffer from mild adult acne (I am 36), but I've been pretty clear that last few years, thanks to Dan's suggestion of lots of BP. With my acne clearing up for the most part, I noticed that the holes on my nose were not going away and were more and more noticeable, and psychologically, it was just as bad as the acne. For the past year or so I've been experimenting with OTC products to minimize my pores, and for the past month I've been on a regimen that seems to be working quite well. They haven't disappeared completely, obviously, but they are smooth and very minimized, so I thought I would share. This is my total regimen, so it's works for my acne as well:


Clean and Clear Pore Perfecting Cleanser

St. Ives Daily Microderm-abrasion (done immediately after the cleanser)

Wait 15-20 minutes

Acne.org 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide (as directed on website)


Clean And Clear Pore Perfecting Cleanser

Pat-dry face

Paula's Choice 1% beta hydroxy acid Gel

Wait 15-20 minutes

Acne.org 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide (as directed on website)

Wait 15-20 minutes

Clean And Clear Pore Perfecting Moisturizer

Three nonconsecutive nights a week (typically Sunday, Tues, Thurs) I wear Queen Helene Mint Julep mask after the cleanser. I wear the mask for about 20 minutes, and then wait another 15-20 minutes before applying the Gel.

That's it! Again, it's not a miracle regimen, but for me, it's been a vast improvement in the size and appearance of my pores, and in overall skin tone.

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