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Oil Cleansing Gone Awry?

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Okay, not completely the end of the story. I started oil cleansing 3 months ago.. I only very slightly saw acne improvement (but, then again, I've never used anything that has helped.. ever.. in my life..) But, it made the underlying skin more glow-y and even.

Well, I had my very first ZERO ZIT day! I THINK I have moderate acne.. but, I'm not sure. Here's a photo of my face right now.. And yes, I'm a picker.. I cannot help it.. I try so hard! But, they're staring at me!

PS: What kinds of acne is that? They're hard bumps, always.. And then lots of deep "holes" that always have strings of things coming out.


(With a wonderfully convenient, booger-lookin' white spot.) All the little black dots by my nose are blackheads.

Okay, I'm off topic. Regardless, anyone have tips? What can I do, even if it's not oil-cleansing, that's natural?! I'm trying to oil cleanse my way to a water-only regimne.. I was getting so close, and then... POW! Explosion.. And EVERY SINGLE PORE on my face has a blackhead in it, if not a whitehead.. I can squeeze anywhere I want to on my face and something will come out.




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What oil ratios are you using?

I was reading somewhere that castor oil has very strong drawing power, which is why after a little while a lot of people experience a sudden breakout, especially if they've been doing it everyday. (This happened to me too). It basically sucks really deep stuff out.

So, I've been doing water-only, and then maybe two or three times a week I'll do OCM with hazelnut and tamanu oil. Still as glowy, but no big reactions! I'll also to a clay mask once or twice a week, just to shake things up a bit. :)

Good luck!

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