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Mike Hawk

What I use! (For those with sensitive skin)

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Hey! Um Im 14 have mild acne (used to have worse skin). I went to this derm some 3 1/2 weeks ago. She said that I cant use all these OTC products because they were higly irritating. So she recommended the least irritating product out on the market: Purpose Gentle Cleaning Wash (Johnson and Johnson), and the Purpose Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 (Johnson and Johnson). My benzoyl peroxide is in a prescription (5%). I was doing fine with 2.5%, so just continue using the 2.5% Neutrogena On the Spot. I wash my face twice a day with the cleanser, once in the morning and once while I shower with cold water in the night. Showering with hot water really irritates skin (at least to me). After I use the cleanser I put the moisturizer on my face (leaves it very fresh feeling). Um.... I apply the BP only at night (I sleep with it), because it is tinted and you can tell I have it on during the day. Other than that, I avoid at all costs to touch my face during the day and I wash my hands if I do. I also cut a bit down on the fatty foods. Don't let acne change your whole diet. This little "regimen" of mine has worked very well. Well... that's all I know! Hope it works for you guys!

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Don't you have problems with that moisturizer? When I used it, there were tons of white little flakes all over my face when I finished rubbing it in.

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I learned from my mistakes. You are probably getting those flakes because you put at least like 5 squirts of moisturizer. That happened to me when I put it on the first day. Looked like I had a f*king facial mask. But NO!!!! Only use like 1 1/2 squirts. Maybe 2. No more than that. Then your pores get clogged even if its made no to clog pores cause you are just shoving the moisturizer in there. So take it easy, and just put enough so that when you apply it, you cant see it after a minute or 2 ( like sunscreen!). If thats not helping then you problably are confused with the moisturizer cause by skin is looking great and not flaky.

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