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I'm still breaking out like at least once a week and I'm tired of that! nothing has worked! I've done like every OTC treatment I can find, i've done tons of "home" remedies, and i've done 2 courses of internal antibiotics, one topical antibiotic and multiple retinols.... and still nothing! I'm pretty sure retinols or retinoids or whatever work by shedding the skin cells faster than normal so the pores don't get clogged, which is why you're more susceptible to sunburn or something... but i ALWAYS wear sunscreen and my face is like a different color than my body which i HATE... my face is like pale and red ALWAYS and my body is super tan... and ugh i really hate that which is why i don't wanna continue with that.... My acne is only moderate/mild and idk what to do! i mean what else is there? BP and salicylic acid don't work, retinoids don't work that well and they make me look messed up and the antibiotics didn't do anything! and i'm not a fan of taking anitibiotics for long periods of time anyway... I want to do accutane but my dermatologist wouldn't prescribe that last time cause my acne wasn't cystic... also i just got a HUGE cyst on my forehead and i'm starting to get body acne which is UNACCEPTABLE to me... and idk i feel like with all that said there arn't any treatments left! i mean i can't go on birth control or anything cause i'm a guy and that wouldn't work so idk what to do... also i'm SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER oily... so hmm I have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow so if anyone has anything i could suggest that would be fantastic! Thanks! oh and happy fourth of july!! oh i forgot to mention that hyperpigmentation is a big thing with me... like every pimple leaves a mark that lasts for at least another month... and i have a teenie bit of scaring but not that much

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hmm well if you ever read this and wonder... the derm that wouldn't perscribe me accutane was on maternity leave so i saw the other derm in the practice and got myself an accutane prescription (:

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i agree accutane because you have tried like sooo many otc, perscriptions, etc. im at the end of month 3 of accutane so far its good=]

i too had very oily skin and mild but PERSISTANT acne and after trying like.. everything i wore my derm down and he gave me my accutane

so yeah just make sure u tell ur derm how u have tried lots of products and yet nothing has worked for you

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