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Paula's Choice: When to give up

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I've been on the 2% salicylic acid toner for almost a month now with zero improvement... in fact, my small little bumps keep spreading. For the record, I didn't have any little bumps until I started using this stuff. Should I give up?

Is mandelic acid a good alternative? I used the 15% serum before and didn't break out, but it was very drying, so I was thinking of trying a milder version or something instead. Opinions/advice/experiences?

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That might be too strong for you. When I first tried BHA, I went straight to 2% because of how severe my blackheads were, but I realized that at that strength, it was just irritating my skin. I then switched to the 1% and only applied it every other day and it started working. Then I slowly worked my way up to 2%

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Hey I think you may be right. I thought I'd be okay since I'd been doing weekly peels/have been using strong chemicals on my face for years, but I guess not. I completely cut out exfoliation for two days now, and my skin is looking SO much better. Now it's much more smooth/even toned whereas before it was red and verryyy bumpy. My pores (the non-scarred ones) even look a lot smaller, which is odd). I'm going to try to cut it down to exfoliating only once a week for now and ease back into it to see what my skin can handle. I think I was way overdoing it... exfoliating one or two times a day.

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