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Hmm Well when I recently broke out I was like ugh i cannot keep doing this and I really wanted accutane even though I only have mild/moderate acne.... but now my break out is healing and I look the best i've looked in a really long time and my appointment with the dermatologist is coming up so I have like no chance of getting it... A brief history of me.... well i started getting acne in middle school and so i started treating it and it kept getting worse and worse until it was moderate/severe and then i went to a dermatologist and was on antibiotics and retinoids and I've improved quite a bit but i still break out a lot and because of the retinoid my face is ALWAYS sunburned and flaky and peeling and also my face is SUPER oily and I've got a tiny bit of scaring and a lot of hyperpigmentation... also it'd be fair to say I have some emotional scaring cause everytime i break out i'm super self conscious and i feel ugly and i want accutane like right away... gah and side effects don't scare me btw! like really i'm at the point where i would do anything to get over with this... but ugh i have the feeling that i'll be like the best i've looked in a while when i walk into the dermatologist and then i'll want accutane and he'll laugh me away then i'll break out again and i'll be sad... also i've tried a lot of things... i've tried proactiv, skin ID, max clarity, clearasil, acne free, i've done multiple retinols and multiple antibiotic courses (topical and internal) and i'm really just done with this and i wish i could go on accutane then be done with this and have it over with and ugh... and i over reacting? or what? gah i havnen't even told you what types of acne i get... i get these deep red pimples on my cheeks and white heads pretty much anywhere on my face and i get these hard bumps on my chin and forehead occasionally and my nose is COVERED in blackheads... but it's always been that way... and ugh i just wanna be done with this and i have a feeling i won't get the perscription now... oh and also i'm starting to get pimples on my neck and shoulders (and i've gotten a few on my arm also) so maybe that will help my cause

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Well I guess the body acne could help your case... Does your face still carry the scarring from all these breakouts you've suffered? If so, then maybe you still gotta chance. I get your anxiety of waiting for the next devastating break-out. I hate that helpless feeling. But I dunno honey, perhaps it's time to seek professional help for the emotional issues your past acne has given you? If you're presently clear these anxiety issues aren't gonna go away with a course of accutane. Seriously, anxiety issues can be crippling--especially when you leave them unaddressed. It can be even worse than the acne itself. Maybe give therapy a try.

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