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Regimen caused oily skin?

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Hey all, so in early March I stopped using the regimen, which i had started in early December because it was irritating my sensitive skin (the BP that is). However, I noticed that my skin started to get oily, while on the regimen it was dry and flaky. I still have this oily skin, and somehow on my nose it has gotten extremely oily. I don't know why this has happened or how to get my skin back to normal. has anyone else experienced this and figured out how to fix their skin to normal? how could dan's regimen even cause my skin to get oily? i would love some answers, thanks

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your skin could be going through a new adjustment period. Skin produces natural oils to keep the natural ph balance. Maybe your oil glands are freeking out, like, whats going on? At first it was being really dry from the regimen and now you've stopped, so it's still used to trying to create more moisture. I say give it a little time to even back out to it's natural state, or it may be that its still feeling dry and is over producing oil because it needs a moisturizer. I'm not a doctor or anything, so do your research, talk to a derm. I did graduate from cosmetology school and had to do a whole chapter on skin, so I try to give any knowledge I know. Hope that helps :)

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