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Has anyone looked into a procedure called fraxel? I've been reading up on it and may try it after my accutane. It is a laser treatment that can improve pigmentation scaring and indentations in the skin. Although I'm quite amazed at how much my face has already improved after only a month and a half. It seems to me my skin heals very fast now and the scares have lightened. I tuely never expected that, I just thought it would clear up my acne for good. I started with 30mg for the first month and now I'm on 40mg for my second month. I would like to stay at this dose if possible.

I did have to learn the hard way to stay out of the sun. It seems like no matter how much sun screen I use I will still burn! I never burn....I tan!

My face became really dry this week and I stuggeled with it, but got some good advise on here and tried it and it seems a little better today. GENTAL EXFOILIATION...IT WORKS.

I was very concerned about my hair falling out or thinning but it hasn't at all. In fact its not oily for a change, I can accually go more then a day without having to wash my hair. feels a little dryer then usual but I'm not complaining.

I seen to have dry eyes just randomly. Not to often!

I do have some joint stiffness, again it seems random, not daily!

Over all I feel great so far, and wish I had taken this a long time ago!

Keep yous posted. :surprised:

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It's awesome that Accutane is working well for you. :D I've been poking around and looking at Fraxel laser treatment, and it looks like a good solution for deeper scars. Red marks tend to go away on their own after a while and I personally wouldn't spend thousands of dollars trying to laser them off, but if you've got a lot of deep scars that you are self-conscious about and you're happy to pay the money, then by all means. :)

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