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board certification question

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hello folks,

So in a week, I have an appointment to see a facial plastic surgeon about removing my acne scars. I'm kind of nervous, but excited at the same time.

Anyhow, I was just recently looking into his certifications, education, etc again. (I looked into all this before I made the appointment too.) But this time, something different caught my eye. He is not board certified in plastic surgery, but he IS certified in Otolaryngology (a head and neck surgeon). I found it interesting that even though he is a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery he board certified in something else.

Does anyone think this raises any red flags?

I've read numerous times here, and on other sites, that is it better to go to a plastic surgeon rather than a dermatologist. What caught my eye about this guy, was that he was a facial plastic surgeon. So who can probably deal with acne scars better, right? It only makes sense to me.

Knowing this is starting to cause doubts in my head. Or perhaps, I am already fearful of going in the first place so part of me is looking for a way out. It's scary to think someone is going to be that close to my face and see me without some makeup.

Any advice would help.


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Most plastic surgeons are actually Otolaryngologists, head neck surgeons, ear nose throat (ENT) specialists.

Also for acne scars I would go to a dermatologist, not a plastic surgeon.

Acne scars are conditions of the skin, which is what a dermatologist is for.

Plastic surgeons know about skin obviously, but most don't have much experience or expertise in acne scar revision. You should find a good derm.

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