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10% Oxy vs. Dan's bp gel

I've been using 10% Oxy for my bp. My skin is really dry and itchy and all that but I expected that. The acne has gotten better for which I am really glad. But there are a few things I hate about using this type of bp which are:

1. It never seems to totally absorb. I am lightly applying it just like in Dan's video and alot of it absorbs but there is always some dry white crap that I have to take off with a wet washcloth... unless of course I'm going to bed then F it.

2. It seems absorbed but all of the sudden it's back. Like the other day I was in Walmart and I thought some guy was being overly friendly with me. I figured I must be looking hot. Then I get to my car and check myself out and there is a bunch of white powder under my nose. The guy must have thought I was a crack addict! ohmy.gif

So is Dan's bp gel alot better when it comes to these problems? I'm thinking maybe I could use his in the AM and Oxy in the PM. Does Dan's bp gel show up again when you moisturize?

BTW, thanks Dan for sharing this remedy! I've tried all kinds of topical prescriptions which only work for a little while and never really work all that good. I also bought the book The Acne Cure which didn't work at all for me. bb_eusa_boohoo.gif

I've never used Accutane. I guess that would be my last resort. I don't know much about it though.

I'm sure these questions were asked before but I have to ask again in my own words just because I'm a pain in the ass.


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naaw. dans bp soaks right in. I know the problem you are having and dans through the day would be an excellent decision. its also gentler at 2.5% so it wouldnt dry your skin out or irritate it through the day when you are in contact with people etc. much more 'day freindly' than oxy 10% stuff. I try not to use any bp through the day at all, just cleanse and moisturise. If i do i only use a tiny amount as my skin gets a bit red.

good luck

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i ran out of my proactiv bp so i just started to use the oxy 10% bp cream i had for like 2 years.. i know what your taking about too when i rub it in (it absorbs really fast or it might be that it dries out real fast) theres white crust marks left behind even on my finger. at first i thought it was because it's been in my cabnet for so long.

but i use it at night only so i dont really care... it does really help though, ive noticed more change overnight with this cream than when i was using proactiv bp for 8 months.

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