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Acne On Neck

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Hello, guys. I'm new here.

I have cystic type Acne on my neck (I think)

It feels lumpy and sore. Pretty big pimples I guess and pretty red.

I'm just wondering if there is any way to help get rid of them?

I really want to try Pantothen because it looks absolutely amazing!

At the moment I have been using Tetracycline for 3 days to check if it gets rid of them pimples on my neck within a few months or so, but I wasn't to happy with it when I used it the last time for my face a few years back. My facial Acne isn't too bad anymore, but I do have the odd spot on my chin, beside lip, above lip or inbetween eyes sometimes.

The reason I really want to try Pantothen is because it looks amazing, brilliant results, brilliant reviews and it really sounds promising. Only problem is though, I am only 17 years old and my bank does not allow me to create a Direct Debt account until I'm 18 and Pantothen only accepts Credit Cards which I also do not have.

At the moment I make a good amount of money online from Computer Programming and the money gets deposited into my PayPal account so I can spend it online.

Is there anything else that is like Pantothen, that uses B5 Vitemen and works the exact same that I could buy from Ebay or somewhere else that accepts PayPal? Please do post methods of getting rid of my Acne on neck, please.


- Cairns

Edited by Cairns

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