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Hallelujah! I'm s(h)aved!!!

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* Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form associated with the manufacturers of the product of which I'm about to speak nor am I a stockholder of their company nor am I being paid to endorse their product. The following relates my own personal experience with the product in question.

I have always had problems with shaving. No matter what type of blade I have used, they have never failed to tear up my skin; most especially on my neck and underneath my jawline. This happens despite following the "rules":

  • Be gentle
  • Shave with the "grain"
  • Rinse with cold water
  • Use non-comedogenic shaving cream
  • etc.
Even after following the advice offered on this site of switching to the Gillette Sensor Excel, some drops of Jojoba oil, and using the Acne.org Cleanser as my shaving "cream" I still get razor burn and ingrown hairs which then promote acne formation.

Then I found a new type of razor. It is called "The Bumpfighter" (yes, seriously). It is marketed to African-American men who suffer from severe ingrown hairs due to shaving. However, I have found that it works wonders for the shaving-induced-acne prone, as well!

Here is how the blade works:

It is a single-bladed razor (I know Dan recommends against using those, but bear with me here). However, instead of being straight like a conventional razor, the blade has the appearance of a tiny strip of corrugated metal; like you would see on a roof. The blunt "hills" of the corrugation lift the bladed portion of the "valleys" up off the skin by ~0.2 mm. Thus, the blade is shaving your hairs but not your skin.

We've discussed the "what" of how the blade is constructed. Now, let's discuss the "why" of how it helps to prevent ingrown hairs.

What is a smooth shave, really? Is it the abscence of facial hair? No - it is the abscence of feeling the whisker stubble when you brush a hand (or other skin surface ;) ) across your face. But the hair is still there. The reason you don't feel it is because either (A) the hairs have been shaved even with the surface of the skin or (B) have actually been shaved BELOW the surface of the skin (through the use of rubber fins that pull the hair up a little from within the pore before shaving it and allowing it to retract back into the pore below skin depth).

Razors that achieve either effect are very, very BAD for those of us who suffer easily from ingrown hairs, razor burn, or both. In scenario (A) you're achieving a flush cut of the hair at the expense of a slight cut to the top surface of the skin (no matter how gentle you are); thus traumatizing it and opening a path for bacteria. In scenario (B) you're doing the same as in (A) - essentially slicing off the top layer of your skin - with the added bonus of now allowing the whiskers to sink below the skin's surface. This encourages ingrown hairs as the pore in which the whisker resides closes over top of it. Both scenarios then promote acne formation due to skin trauma, bacteria trapping or infiltration, pore closure, and ingrown hairs.

With the Bumpfighter razor blade, the above two scenarios don't happen. The blade is lifted off the skin, cutting only the hairs. With no rubber fins, the hairs aren't being pulled up from inside their pore only to be cut down below the skin's surface. So you are spared the skin trauma and ingrown hairs typical of other blades.

Now, I'm not suggesting that the Bumpfighter is the perfect blade. Its shave is not as close as conventional razors; you can feel a very slight bit of stubble if you run your hand across your face. However, it is close enough for an average day at the office. In all likelihood - given that we are our own worst critics - it will be a matter of abscence adaptation; other people may notice when you've shaved even closer with a conventional razor but will probably notice no difference (or at least not remark on it) when shaving with the Bumpfighter. Furthermore, you gain the best of both worlds. Shave with the Bumpfighter on a regular basis, then - when you have that critical presentation to give at work, the birthday/funeral/wedding to attend, or that intimate evening planned - go back to your Gillette Sensor Excel for that exceptionally close shave.

For me, it has made a world of difference. I used to avoid shaving 2, 3, and even 4 days at a time because of how badly razors would cut up my skin and lead to ingrown hairs (and, yes, I used to shave daily so it's not a matter of not having given my skin enough time to acclimate). Now, I shave daily without any concern for those issues any longer. My skin is looking better than it ever has. Of course, this is due in large part to sticking to the Acne.org regimen; but the addition of the Bumpfighter to my acne-fighting arsenal has only improved upon the results.

In summary, you don't get the closest shave in the world but you more than make up for it by significantly reducing (or even eliminating) acne related to razor-induced skin trauma and ingrown hairs. A fair trade in my book.

Good luck.

Edited by Bumpfighter

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Hey dude,

Thanks for the very helpful post. My situation is identical to yours, so as you can imagine I am extremely reluctant to try anything new that may exacerbate the problem. However, your thorough assessment is quite compelling so I am willing to give it a shot. I noticed that your post was a few months ago, so do you still stand by what you said?



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I bought this razor to try it out a few months ago. I only tried it out once and it was a bit disappointing. It still cut me and irrittaed my skin a bit, but I should probably give it another chance and try it for a few weeks. My facial hair grows in fast and tough so it was sort of annoying using a single blade razor like that. I do tend to get the worst acne on my neck and jaw, areas where I shave, so I sort of think some of the acne might actually be ingrown hairs.

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