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DR. Stanislaw R. Burzynski and his cancer treatment

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He has fought the medical board which tried to take away his license claiming his actions and claims about treating cancer were fraudulent, And they were pressured by the FDA which went through any length to imprison him, but after 14 years of nonstop court battles, his methods seemed safe and effective with all his patients standing behind him, so they couldnt really charge him with anything, as even texas law allowed patients to see him. Although federal law did not. And the story and battle gets much more interesting, it is the greatest triumph of science and of the american law system i have ever heard and will very likely make awful treatments with radiation and chemotherapy drugs a thing of the past as his treatments are made from a group of proteins that already exist in the human body and are super super safe as well as effective with no side effects.

He will be the first single individual to hold a patent on a cancer treatment that treats such a wide array of lethal cancers, rather then a corporation, possibly taking down a trillion dollar industry in the process.

IF you have cancer or know someone who does, they can enroll right now in phase 3 clinical trials or when the trial are complete, in 2-3 years, these treatments will be available everywhere in the U.S. legally.

First 36 minutes of Documentary: Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business

Download the full length Film for 2.99


here is his website


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